10 Great Los Angeles Kitchens

We’ve gathered ten gorgeous kitchens from Los Angeles house tours (okay, we admit a couple of Austin homes, too) to examine just what makes a kitchen so great. Each of these ten vary greatly in terms of size and style, but all have that certain je ne sais quoi. Will you think these are great kitchens, too?

1) A South Austin Sunny and Sophisticated Home! This kitchen had a wonderful mix of old-world French meets modern, and we love the neutral colors and all the natural light. Accessorized with colorful and meaningful objects, this kitchen proves that even something kept neutral can still be full of life.
2) Alysia’s Treehouse by the Lake We love the all-white look to this kitchen, and adore that wood countertop. The details of a chair, art and other personal items really make this kitchen feel comfortable and cozy.
3) Joe and Kristin’s Design Mix Craftsman While perhaps a little too cluttered for some, we love the full and exciting kitchen here. The prominence of a lot of wood, fun art and clever storage solutions makes it both good-looking and efficient.
4) Corey’s Converted Barn This open barnhouse is rustic, yet modern and comfortable. We love the dark colors and the wide open-feel.
5) Monica and Christian’s Hollywood Gem This kitchen is simple, full of light, with not a lot of colors but a lot of style.
6) Jaime and Carleton’s Backyard Palm Springs Keeping simple cabinets, using a calming color and accentuating with fun punches of color makes this a great kitchen.
7) Moses and Jamie’s Whimsical Modern We can’t get enough of this adorable kitchen with the bright colors and fun accessories.
8) The Brick House This kitchen is a success by combining clean white cabinets with an unusual countertop color with a warm, comfortable rug to create a really cool space.
9) Eric and Christine’s Vintage Modern Mecca We love all the warm tones coming from this wood-filled kitchen, and love how sleek and modern it is, but still quite comfortable.
10) Misty’s Bright and Colorful Cottage! Another Austin kitchen! Misty did such a great job with the fun colors and accessories of this kitchen we just had to add it to a great kitchens list!

What makes a kitchen great to you? What’s the best kitchen you’ve ever seen—and have you tried to implement elements from it in your own home? What have you done to make your kitchen feel great? Let us know!