10 Great Tech Gifts for Mom

10 Great Tech Gifts for Mom

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, we thought it was high time for a roundup of great gifts for Mom. We've done our best to assemble a diverse batch of gift ideas from a variety of price points that we know our moms would love. Here's to hoping there is something in here for your mom as well!

  • a Tablet: The iPad is the best tech gift our mom has ever been given. The last time she was this engaged with technology was when introduced her to iPhoto on her new Mac. The iPad is a great fit for her because it does everything she would like to do, is easy to use and is highly portable.
  • Digital Magazine Subscription: We here at Unplggd have a few moms that are very fond of their eBook readers whether they are Kindles or iPads and the bright idea struck us not that long ago that giving them a digital subscription to a print magazine they love would go over quite well.
  • Tech TLC: The gift of Tech TLC for the technophobe mom means that you will take the time to sit with her and show her how to run the various utilities and display some computing best practices. For those who live far away from their moms this can be done through screen sharing or WebEx.
  • Netflix: Another subscription gift idea is to give mom a year's worth of Netflix. Creative sons and daughters usually get a queue started for mom when they give this gift.
  • Electric Kettle: If your mom is anything like mine, she loves her tea. A great gift idea for tea lovers is an electric tea kettle!
  • FaceTime/ Skype Coupons: On the same lines as the personal coupons you might have made for your mom back in the day like, "two weeks of no complaining dishwashing duty," give your mom a coupon for a video chat time. Moms love the quality time aspect of video chat and like to see you to make sure you are not lying about not being sick and are eating proper meals (this might just be my mom).
  • Digital Picture Frame: An oldie but a goodie, moms can't seem to get enough of digital picture frames. Do your mom a favor though, if she is not the tech savvy type, and spend some time showing her how to load photos on her new device as part of your gift.
  • Soda Making Machine: Another thing our moms have in common is a huge love of seltzer, they'd love a high tech machine like the new Soda Stream Fizz so they can make that and lightly sweetened slightly fizzy sodas at home.
  • Turning VHS into DVDs: If your family is anything like mine then you have a very large amount of family memories on rapidly decaying VHS tapes that your mother would love to see on DVDs, hint hint.
  • App Marketplace Gift Card: Whether your mom is an Android OS or iOS fan chances are she might need a little nudge spending money on apps (my mom finds it very difficult to spend "good money" on apps when there are so many free ones out there). Help your mom get her app library started with a gift card that she can use to purchase some great apps that you have helped her discover. To help you get started finding apps for her, the link above shows some great apps for those that are fans of cooking).

What is the best tech gift you've ever given your mom?

(Images: Flickr members Stefan Sheele, Alan Levine, and Peter Dutton licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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