10 Great Things About Not Working From Home

10 Great Things About Not Working From Home

Laure Joliet
Mar 18, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I talked about why I love to work from home (now that I don't anymore) so I thought it would be fitting to run down some of the excruciatingly wonderful parts of working away from home since you guys chimed in as both loving and hating it. Yes the traffic can get to me and of course I love my home so why wouldn't I want to spend lots of time there, but for me, not only is it great to have a true beginning and end of the day, but there's something about coming home to a clean kitchen sink that makes me breathe a sigh of relief:

10 Great Things About Working Away From Home:

1. The commute is a great time to daydream or call people back (with a hands free device of course)
2. When I come home, there are no new dirty dishes in the sink!
3. Packing up work at the end of the day and then leaving really helps to transition into 'home time' easier than when I've been working there all day.
4. Um, other people.
5. I'm less likely to snack all day and procrastinate if I'm with other people working and on deadlines.
6. Similar to number 2, when I come home, the house is as clean as I left it which motivates me to keep it that way.
7. It's easier to motivate myself to stop and get groceries and do a couple of errands 'on the way home' than needing to motivate myself to leave the house.
8. No need to break down my workspace at the dining room table, it's already cleared and ready for dinner.
9. Being gone for most of the day, I walk in the door and get inspired to finish up projects around the house so that they're done the next time I walk in the door.
10. The cat is so much happier to see me when she's missed me a bit.

A lot of these boil down to the fact that balance is good. I appreciate coming home more when I've been away and I appreciate going to work when I've been at home all day. Ultimately like most of us, I wouldn't mind a 3 day weekend every weekend and then four 7 hour workdays, right? But for the moment, I'll take the sink being exactly as I left it.

Top image is from Debbie and Oliver's One Window House, House Tour.

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