10 Great Things About Working From Home

10 Great Things About Working From Home

Laure Joliet
Mar 4, 2009

Working from home was one of those grass is always greener scenarios for me. It seemed like such a great thing...until I got to experience it everyday. I hated it. For about a year I worked from home and got lost in unstructured time, worked way too long every day and had totally unrealistic expectations of myself and what I could get done. Somehow the house was always a mess and there was never time to call people back. I read productivity books and blogs and tried implementing all kinds of systems to help me along, but nothing seemed to kill the feeling that I just wasn't getting enough done (a feeling that I've probably always had). Oh yeah, and I felt lonely, a lot. Lunch dates would help, but that made me feel guilty too. The bottom line is that I rarely enjoyed the freedom that working from home can offer. Now that my schedule has shifted and I've only been spending an average of one day a week working from home (including today) all I can say it that I finally can appreciate it. And here's why:

For one thing it's tempered with being busy and out and about the rest of the week with structured work and a clear end of the workday. So now, I guess I'm giving myself permission to enjoy working from home because I know it's not forever.

10 Great Things About Working From Home:

1. Taking a Bath at Lunchtime
2. Raiding the Fridge whenever I want
3. Being able to hit up Trader Joes or Target in the middle of the day
4. Working in Pajamas (which I did today for the first time, until I had to go to the dentist)
5. Not commuting anywhere, especially in the rain
6. Making lunch at home (and being able to put a roast in the oven in time to eat before 10pm)
7. Making a mid day Yoga class
8. Getting to be alone for the day in semi stillness (and not coming home ragged and exhausted)
9. Getting to play whatever music I want
10. Janel inspired this one: Getting to hang out with my kitty.

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