10 Headboards You Can Make for Under $50

Headboards can make a dramatic impact on a room. Switch yours out for under $50 with these 10 easy projects using new ideas and materials you haven’t thought of after the jump.

1. Burlap I love any use for an old burlap sack and this is one of my favorites. Your room will become instantly eclectic with a headboard like this.

2. Pallets One of our all time favorite materials, pallets are made of wood that is almost perfectly sized for a headboard. Change your look completely with this easy tutorial.

3. Hankies With vintage silk hankies mounted on artist canvases you can make a large headboard for a tiny price.

4. Books Colorful books from a thrift store can be an funky headboard when mounted to a wooden backing.

5. Paint It doesn’t get much easier than paint. Check out Simply Seleta for the colors and instructions.

6. Painted Screen A bold color on a vintage screen can make a strong statement in any bedroom.

7. Cardboard Inject some humor into your bedroom with a cardboard headboard. Really, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this, but the look you can get is so fun!

8. Salvaged Wood A collage of salvaged wood brings a warm look to your headboard without more formal lines.

9. Ribbons This project is definitely an investment of time instead of money, but imagine the looks you could create with different patterns, colors and sizes.

10. Framed Photos Elegant and simple, these framed photographs create a graphic headboard.