10 Household Items You Can Do Without—Really!

10 Household Items You Can Do Without—Really!

Amber Byfield
Apr 22, 2011

Tell someone, "No, we don't have a TV," and expect a sideways (perhaps even aghast) look when they find out that you make do without something they deem vital to daily existence. But you don't have to be Colin Beavan to pull this eco-stunt: We came up with a list of ten common household items that it's actually pretty easy to live without. So whether you're low on space or are just looking to pare down, see what could make your live-without list.

A few common items are easy to do without or phase out of everyday rotation:

Plastic wrap: It may be handy once in a while, but if anything, see if you can make one roll last for years—or nix it all together!
• Plastic food bags: Try reusable cotton bags for produce, groceries, and snacks.
• Trash bags: Control your rubbish, no bags needed!
• Paper towels: We prefer cotton reusables to paper towels now, anyway.
Hair dryer: Easy, provided you can set vanity aside just a little.

Bigger things, like appliances, are a little tougher—but not impossible:

• Microwave: We prefer not having a microwave. We make popcorn and boil water for coffee and tea stovetop, and reheat leftovers with a highly efficient convection toaster oven.
Coffee maker: Instead of a plug-in coffee maker, try a French press or siphon. They
Dishwasher: It can be done, as we have learned.
Television: What better excuse to go watch the big game at your buddy's house?
Garbage disposal: Forgo the extra water usage and start composting instead.

What can you add to the list?

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(Images: plastic wrap - Blast Magazine; dishwasher - Flickr member zenobia joy, licensed under Creative Commons; hair dryer - u8mealive via StockXchg; bedroom with tv - AT:San Francisco; microwave - sxc.hu user djeyewater.)

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