10 Household Uses for Beeswax

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I recently purchased a few cakes of natural beeswax with the intention of making candles. Candles have yet to be made, but I found some interesting household uses for beeswax care of This Old House.

Here’s the short version of the list provided on the This Old House site.

So far I’ve used tip #7 and I’m strangely excited to try tip #1 to unstick a drawer. If any of you have ever used beeswax to unstick a drawer, I’d love to hear how well it worked for you. Like I said, strangely excited.

1. Unstick a drawer.
2. Free frozen nuts.
3. Wax wood.
4. Preserve bronze.
5. “Whip” frayed rope.
6. Lube screws and help prevent corrosion.
7. Condition wood cutting board.
8. Polish concrete counters.
9. Preserve a patina (e.g., good for copper sinks).
10. Waterproof leather.