10 How To Projects For A Snow Day

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Seriously, all we can think about is the weather lately, but that’s all about to change! Take on one of these 10 projects with your little ones when you’re snowed in, staying put or just hanging out!

1. Hedgehog Pencil Holder: This craft is Jonathan Adler-esque, adorable and flawless when finished. (as pictured above)

2. How To Make “Clean” Play Slime: Oh the things that cornstarch does, if the idea of this is still too messy, just let the kids play with it in the bathtub and wash up afterwards! (as pictured above)

3. How To Make Felt Food: Our Gigantic List of Tutorials: You like felt food? We do too! Here’s our mega list of where to find the best tutorials out there.

4. How To Make Easy Applique Wall Art: Who says you have to spend a million dollars on artwork? Make your own with this easy applique technique. (as pictured above)

5. How To Make Drip Paintings with Children: Pipe cleaners? Check. Paint? Check. Fun times ahead? CHECK!

6. How To Make Reusable Bowl Covers: Forget foil and that pesky plastic wrap, make your own reusable covers that will fit over any open container.

7. How To Make Your Own Crib Sheet: Although there are tons of options out there, sometimes making the most out of fabrics and old sheets already in your home can save you big bucks and give you exactly what you’re looking for.

8. How To Make A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time: It’s a basic idea. Cheese and bread. We’ve got the low down on how to earn your A+ parent award for the best sandwich flipper in the state!

9. How To Make A Bean Bag Chair: Many children are convinced this is the only method of seating for them. Forget store bought and make your own and match them to your decor without any worry.

10. How To Make A DIY Faux Birch Log Side Table: This tutorial could be our favorite across all of Apartment Therapy and for good reason, it has a big look on a little budget. (as pictured above)

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