10 Ideas for Tiny Balconies

If you’ve got a balcony, you’ve got potential. Even if it’s too small for a chair, there is space to create a small garden, a tiny hideaway, a space outside to call your own. If you’re short on ideas, jump below to get inspired by some small outdoor spaces.

1. Gardening Nook. Take a cue from this tiny Tokyo balcony and make it your gardening refuge for potting, tending to and enjoying your little plant family.
2. Shoe Rack. Repurpose that shoe rack and make it into a plant stand to gain some elevation and make better use of your balcony’s square footage. Check out the original post to see how they used T Trays as well.
3. Create Privacy. In this case, the balcony was lined with fabric but you could plant bamboo or hang a screen to give yourself some privacy for all of you sunbathing activities (or otherwise).
4. Really Go Vertical. Build a curved canopy for a vine to grow on and create privacy and some green space all in one.
5. Plant Something Fragrant. Check out these 5 plants that smell oh so good to help transform a small space into a wonderland for the senses.
6. Keep it Simple. With a small terraced shelf and matching containers, build your little kitchen garden without a big footprint or a lot of upkeep.
7. Start a Vine. With this simple trellis you can grow some flowering (and wonderfully fragrant) jasmine or honeysuckle out of containers.
8. Breakfast Nook. Don’t have a dining room? Not a problem, now that the weather is getting more liveable, use your balcony as a breakfast nook and strive to eat as many meals as you can enjoying the great outdoors.
9. Grow a Kitchen Garden. This garden shows that you really don’t need much space to be able to start your own kitchen garden for herbs, lettuces and maybe even some veggies. Check out this post on growing food in small spaces.
10. Pegboard. We love pegboard in the kitchen and the tool closet, but what about outdoors. Slap some sealer on it so it doesn’t rot in the weather and let it help you go vertical with your plants and containers. See Robin’s whole garden here.