10 Ideas To Steal From The Small Kids, Big Color Contest

10 Ideas To Steal From The Small Kids, Big Color Contest

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 4, 2009

Although kids rooms are usually a bit more playful and well, childish &mdash there's nothing that says we can't find great inspiration in them. Throughout the recent Small Kids, Big Color contest over at Ohdeedoh, there were some seriously fabulous spaces, that play host to some mad creativity and diy ideas that are totally steal-worthy!

Though the Small Kids, Big Color contest is over, that doesn't mean we can't still take a look back at all the hard work that parents and loved ones have taken the time to invest in their children's spaces. Sometimes kids rooms make it easier to try out new things and this year's entries are no exception. See a few of our favorites below.

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Texture With Molding: Though we honestly can't decide which we like more, the black in the back of the bookshelves, or the honey comb ceiling, the labor of love wins out in the case of Ophelia's High Contrast Nursery. This painted ceiling that was then adorned with painted molding strips took 40 hours, though it was one of the largest impacts we saw in the entire contest.

Serious Stripes: Although Trading Spaces seemed to overload our senses at the beginning of the decade, this wall in Lucy's Baby Blanket Bedroom is just stunning. Even though they dominate the whole wall in several bright and bold colors, they still create interest where there wouldn't normally be any and tie the entire space together.

Bright Goes Nice With White: Even though Lily's Favorite Floral Bedroom is so packed with color, some might need shades, everything is brought back into balance with bright white accents. Don't worry about being too bold, just make sure to bring it back down to earth and give your eyes a calm place to rest.

Symmetry Is Super: In Isabella's Beautiful Blue Bedroom, symmetry is everywhere and we're ok with that. The bright pop of color in the curtains anchor the look and draw your eye back while the night stands and lamps create a visual anchor to allow the desk to be brought away from the wall, making it the footer for the bed.

Neutrals Are Nice: Aiden's Robots in Space Room doesn't have the same mega-bright wall treatment that other rooms in the contest did, but that doesn't mean they were lacking in personality. They're cascading greys bring your focal point down, which works well with smaller sized furniture and would be nice in a space boasting low backed, modern sofa's and media cabinets.

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Go BIG: Remy's Fantastic Floral Nursery has a fabulous oversized abstract floral wallpaper that makes it quite photogenic. It overwhelms the entire wall — but in that good kind of way. Sometimes going bigger is better and in this case, they hit the nail on the head.

Plenty Of Patterns: Sometimes it can be hard to know which patterns work well together, but when it doubt, just add a few more and things will instantly be more appealing. Over in Sadie's Warm and Cozy Bedroom, her bed is framed out with at least 8 different prints and everything looks picture perfect. If a few feel messy, add a few more for a more rounded out look.

Straight Is Overrated: Even though large pink shapes on your wall isn't for every adult room, we do like the rounded almost cloud like shape that was created to focus your attention to each wall. The idea was found over in Olivia's Modern Pink Nursery and even if the idea won't translate into a living room, we think it could certainly find a home in an office or even bedroom.

Use Nature: In Rosie's Happy and Bright Bedroom there's nature everywhere you look, but more than anything we love the sheer panel hung from suspended branches. The panel itself has a seemingly weightless feel and the suspended branches make it feel like a scene out of a Disney movie with singing birds and cheerful rabbits. It's a simple touch that could have been created in another way, but by using what you've got (and what's free) it's an unexpected look that literally brings the outside in.

Don't Forget About Green: Although it's always in style when it comes to a muppet, many people find green a difficult color to incorporate into decor unless it has a strong dose of grey in it. The green found in Baby Cashew's Mix and Match Nursery is a knock down from a bright Kelly green, but a step up from Country Green. It's a bold color while still being easy on the eyes and is able to work with many different decorating styles without feeling too modern or too frumpy. Give it a try!

There's many more rooms to see, so if you missed it, make sure you check out the main contest page for a listing of all the Small Kids, Big Color entries!

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