10 Items Under $20 That Will Make Your Home More Organized & Your Life Easier

10 Items Under $20 That Will Make Your Home More Organized & Your Life Easier

Jason Loper
Aug 25, 2012

Whether you're moving into your first apartment or your tenth, you're likely to find at least one thing on this budget-minded list that will make your life a little easier. With each being under $20 (and some under $10!) these are also great last-minute gifts those who are college-bound.

1. Clip on Silicone Squeegee from Amazon $8.25
This clever little squeegee slips onto the neck of the shower. Use it to clear away pooling water after a shower and slip it back in place for the next use – no suction cup required.

2. Jar Opener from Restoration Hardware $12.00
Rather than curse that jar of mayo as you struggle to open it, reach for this old-fashioned jar opener to give you a hand.

3. Bridle Hook from Museum of Useful Things $6.00
Hang this eye-catching and sturdy hook by a door for a quick place to hang your bag, jacket and umbrella when you come in.

4. Hammer/Screwdriver from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. $20.00
There was always one of these handy little combination tools in my family's junk drawer. The hammer opens up like a Matryoshka doll, with screwdrivers in place of nesting dolls. The tiniest screwdriver is always a godsend for emergency glasses repairs.

5. 24-Pocket Overdoor Shoe Bag from Container Store $19.99
If you think shoe organizers are only for collecting your kicks, you're missing out! Tack one of these multi-pocketed organizers in your closet for corralling socks, winter wear and just about any small household item.

6. DIODER from Ikea $14.99
You cold struggle in the dark as you search your junk drawer (looking for your hammer/screwdriver combo tool no doubt). Or you could install this drawer light to make it a little easier. This would be especially great in rooms where you're most likely to be stumbling around in the dark — installed inside bedside tables and bathroom drawers.

7. USB Wall Plate Charger from RCA $19.99
Chances are, one of your power outlets is filled up with a charger. Skip the middle man with this USB charger wall plate. You'll lose an electrical outlet but you'll gain two USB's!

8. Large Allen Wrench Set from Sears $9.74
Assembling flat pack furniture with the little Allen wrenches manufacturers supply can be a test of patience and dexterity. For just under $10, you can have all the hex wrench sizes you need in one easy-to-use tool.

9. Swiss Measuring Spoons from Perpetual Kid $9.99
Even if you're no Betty Crocker, these all-in-one measuring spoons won't take much room in your kitchen cupboard. You never know when the urge to bake cookies may strike - be prepared!

10. Hand Crank Flashlight and Lantern $14.95
Every home should have a flashlight — even if the power never goes out, they're fun for ghost stories and dance parties! This hand crank option means you can play all you want and not worry about running out the batteries before you really need it in an emergency.

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