Be Healthier! 10 Tiny Things to Do Around the House Today

Be Healthier! 10 Tiny Things to Do Around the House Today

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 31, 2014
(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

Health is something we all could use a little more of. More than just the physical, health hints at a wholeness — happiness and contentment in body and mind. Today, this weekend, whenever, consider this list of small but potent actions you can take that will add to your overall health.

1. Sit still and quiet for a little while
You can call it meditating if you want to be formal about it, but this tip is really more about just slowing down for a minute or two. We're always thinking ahead, looking at screens and moving fast. Taking time to take a few breaths and just be in the present can add to a more healthful life.

2. Drink some water
As Jen pointed it out in a popular post earlier this week, it takes just ten seconds but can have a big impact on your health to drink more water.

3. Clean one small thing
You could consider it chipping away at the larger cleaning routine, or you could just use it to boost your motivation by giving yourself a small task you can tackle and successfully complete. Even if it's just shining your bathroom mirror, it can help.

4. Organize one small spot
Same principle as the clean one small thing idea. You don't have to reorganize your entire closet; just pick a small junk drawer. Your mail sorter. Your purse. Again, boost your feel-good vibes by picking a quick something you can do easily and without a lot of time.

5. Dig in the dirt
Avid gardeners know that getting your hands dirty on the regular by playing with plants and tending to greenery has lasting healthy effects. Even if you live in a small apartment, you could still have a little terrarium to play around in.

6. Plan a vacation
Studies have shown that just even planning a getaway — regardless if you could ever afford money or time-wise to take it — can do loads to making you a little happier. So go ahead. Daydream about a dream trip for a little while.

7. Laugh at something or with someone
Whether it's listening to a funny podcast while you clean or organize one small thing or inviting over a favorite friend to just enjoy a cup of tea, everyone knows laughter is one of the best medicines.

8. Play with a pet
The cat who's always sitting on your keyboard isn't the only one who would benefit from a few minutes of undivided attention. Playing with pets has long been suspected to lower blood pressure — plus it makes you (and them!) really happy.

9. Get a good night's sleep
You don't need to study graphs and charts to know that more sleep = a happier, more rested, clear-headed human. So do what you know you need to do to grab enough Z's tonight. (Though we suppose this might be a bit bigger than "tiny.")

10. Appreciate something about your home or revel in a past accomplishment
Say aloud (even to yourself) something you're grateful for about your home. Or, enjoy a DIY project you sweated over in the past. Really appreciate something about your home or something you've successfully done to it!

What little things do you do daily around the house that help add to your health? Add your favorites to the comments below!

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