10 Long Weekend Home Improvement Projects To Tackle

10 Long Weekend Home Improvement Projects To Tackle

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 25, 2011

I always use Black Friday as a chance to catch up on a few things around the house. They're always the boring, more tedious things I put off. Today, I have zero excuse, so here are a few of the projects I'll be tackling - unless they tackle me first!

1. Mulch & Compost Gardens: Adding that extra layer of insulation before big freezes and snow storms come can help out your chilly plants. Likewise, adding bubble wrap and burlap around outdoor pots that might need a little insulating as well is also a good thing.

2. Cleaning Air Vents: With heaters and even air conditioners going full force around the country, taking a moment to vacuum out your vents to keep your air clean is a bonus. You never really think about them being dirty until you get in there and then... ick.

3. Cleaning Out Your Gutters: There's a good chance you'll already be up on the roof putting up holiday lights and it's a great time to give things a once over to make sure your downspouts aren't full of sticks and leaf debris.

4. Insulate Your Windows: For some it might be plastic, for others it might be that rubbery caulking rope, but no matter what you use, it's probably about time to seal them up for good and keep drafts down to a minimum.

5. Wash Your Snuggle Blankets: Although you won't need a hammer for this job, you're about to spend a great deal of time under your warm blankets. Best freshen them up so they quit smelling like dog.

6. Drill Drain Holes In Your Trashcans: Fall rains and the coming snow can be heavy. Drill drain holes in the bottom of your trash cans and recycle bins that live outside to make sure all that liquid can drain right out.

7. Stock Up On Winter Gear: Now is a great time to check your supply of gloves, shovels and ice removal methods. Likewise, check your supply of items in your car in case of a winter incident that might leave you stranded on the road.

8. Check For Leaks In Walls: Air leaks, that is. Walk around your house and look at all the places things come in and out. Pipes and wires alike should all be sealed.

9. Rotate Your Closet & Linens: It's probably about time to pack up the tank tops and shift your sweaters forward in your closet. Take a few minutes to switch out your sheets and bed linens to something a bit warmer. The task isn't so large with a happy tune on the stereo!

10. Tackle Your List Of Someday Projects: We all have "someday" projects. Somehow it seems less annoying when your tools are already out to take care of that squeaky floor board, the door that doesn't stay closed, or the doorbell that's no longer ringing.

Do you have any projects that you'll be tackling this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member chatirygirl, kirstyhall, Robbie Howell and mookitty licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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