10 Marketplace Listings That Made Us Do a Double Take

published May 18, 2017
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Feel like your home is missing a certain something? Needs a little oomph to truly make it unique? Sometimes it’s really good to stand out from the pack. Among Apartment Therapy Marketplace‘s strong vintage vibes and beautiful mid-century furniture lie some seriously one-of-a-kind finds, each guaranteed to make you say “wait, I need some more background info on this…”

For those of us who can’t afford authentic designer furniture, but aren’t into the idea of knockoffs, sometimes you have to think…small. Very small. This set of Vitra miniatures are authentic to 1:6 scale, so while you can’t sit on them, they do make pretty solid statement pieces for your desk.

When does an ottoman become more than an ottoman? When it’s a little upcycled library. Designer Anton Sleeuwenhoek makes each BookPouf completely customized from old books that libraries were just throwing away. So skip the standard stuff and grab a cool place to put your feet up that’s totally one-of-a-kind and good for the environment!

While not everyone has the room (or desire) to display a vintage rocking horse in their home, this repurposed vintage planter is a fun and kitschy way to put that history to work outdoors. And I don’t know if I’ve lost it by assigning personality to an inanimate object, but doesn’t he look so proud to be displaying those plants?

While this may look like your average living room, the double-take moment came from seeing a listing title that said “Murphy bed.” Uh….here ? Where? Turns out that sleek and modern mirror is holding some fluffy and functional secrets, and this room just became your dream studio apartment. A dream that can be a reality if you act fast!

Some purists might faint at the sight of a vintage hutch in anything but it’s original glory, but this custom wallpapered unit was made for someone who’s too bold to care. The Cole & Sons wallpaper is a fun, graphic nod to the palm leaf trend, and contrasts beautifully against the dark Benjamin Moore paint. Here, let your home take a permanent interior vacation.

I have seen your future, and it looks bright, mainly due to the addition of this insanely cool and colorful vintage circus tapestry. I’m a big fan of the giant freak show banners that dot the Coney Island boardwalk, and this is a rare chance for someone to bring that summertime magic home for themselves.

Unlike his slimy comrades, this little guy does not belong out in your garden. New Mexican artist Federico Armijo crafted this sculptural snail table around the 1970’s, but it’s guaranteed to still make a huge statement in any home today. I’d recommend keeping the table decor as minimal as possible to really let the art below shine, and to keep it from getting too busy. I’d also name him, but that’s just me.

Imagine getting ready for the day in front of this gorgeous antique vanity: we’re talking a complete experience from face to clothes, all in one area. As someone who sits on an IKEA stool in front of a repurposed Target nightstand, this is going above and beyond my wildest morning dreams.

Speaking of dreams, tucking yourself in under this set of gold-leafed and hand-painted panels is a great way to begin a night of peaceful slumber. The origin is unknown since they came from an estate sale, but the ornate details and technique tell you that this is something truly special.

And lastly we have this way-beyond-basic vintage Moroccan rug. Each azilal rug is handwoven with personal details of each weaver’s life story, so it’s something that can’t be replicated in a factory. Plus, I’m a firm believer that art shouldn’t just be stuck on your walls, so why not put some underfoot?