10 Minute Home Brightening To Do: Clean Your Light Fixtures

10 Minute Home Brightening To Do: Clean Your Light Fixtures

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 22, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Looking for a weird cleaning task that you probably always forget about (or never think about) and that you could do around your home in like 10 minutes (30 if you have a big house)? It's not pleasant or sexy, but it'll make a surprising difference. This weekend, between brunches, enjoying spring (if the weather allows for such) and master napping, make the light fixture rounds cleaning up the sadly departed bugs who have decided to make your ceiling light their last resting place.

Depending on how often you accomplish this task, your light fixtures could be really buggy. But even ones full won't take that long to clean. And doing so will not only look nicer (no dead bug shadow sillouettes) but cleaning your light fixture may even let more light through, leading to a brighter room. And bonus: You can take this opportunity to change any light bulbs that need replacing. To accomplish this tiny home task, you can either do the dump + wipe method, or the vacuum + wipe method. Just remember safety first: Turn off the lights you'll be cleaning around and grab a sturdy step ladder (no rickety chairs or anything) to step on.

Tips: Whether you plan on vacuuming or dumping, you might consider placing an old towel on the ground underneath the light fixture before you remove it from the ceiling, to catch any dirt that may escape. Before you begin, see what kind of tool you might need to remove your light fixture (you'll probably need a screw driver). When removing the light fixture cover, do it slowly and try not to tip it over as you bring it and you down off your step ladder.

Once removed, either dump the fixture's contents in a trash can or use a vacuum attachment to clean (being gentle so you don't break or scratch any glass if that's what your fixture is made of). Then, use your preferred method of cleaning to wipe clean the surface of the fixture (You could make your own cleaner). Replace the bulb if necessary. Put the fixture back on the ceiling (making sure it's truly secure before you remove your hands) and repeat for how many ceiling fixtures need cleaning. And don't forget your outdoor lights!

Ideas for keeping light fixture bugs at bay:
It's unlikely you'll be able to completely eliminate bugs from choosing your light fixtures as their last resting place. But, there are a few things you can do to minimize them in the future. One is make sure bugs don't get into your home in the first place — plug any holes and repair window screens as possible. Keep the bathroom light off when not in use. And if you own your home or have a rad landlord, consider replacing your bug-collecting fixtures for one that won't collect corpses.

How often do you tend to need to clean your light fixtures? Do you have a regular, set schedule for tackling this home cleaning task, or do you just clean them whenever you think about it? Do you have a way of keeping ceiling fixtures bug-free?

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