10 Free Money Saving Android Apps

10 Free Money Saving Android Apps

Eric Chen
Aug 16, 2011

Sometimes we all wish we could magically raise our own debt ceiling just like Congress did for our nation, but we can't. So here are 10 apps for Android users looking to save a few sheckles online and while out and about...

1 Mint: This personal money monitoring app that is coupled with its popular web app. You get all the great features such as aggregated bank account information, the ability to set up a budget, you also get instant alert for low balance and budget limit. With this app you'll be able to monitor your spending on the go.

2 Groupon: The official app from the online coupon giant not only shows you the daily deals, with the new Groupon Now feature, you can find deals that are close to you. Especially useful when eating out on the weekend!

3 The Coupons: If Groupon's one-deal-a-day is not enough for you, use this app to find coupons for your favorite stores, restaurants, or just whatever is nearby. With its coupon to calendar feature, you could see when the your favorite coupons will expire.

4 Key Ring Reward Cards: Reward cards are great for getting freebies from all your favorite stores. But no one likes to have a giant keychain or a bulging wallet (not filled with cash but reward cards). Keep all your reward cards at the touch of your finger tip with this app. With built in coupon, you can discover even more savings!

5 GasBuddy: Fluctuating gas prices is always a pain in budgeting. Make sure you get the cheapest gas in your area with the mobile app from our favorite gas saving website.

6 GroceryIQ: Grocery shopping could be an adventure of its own, but if you go hungry it could also be fertile ground for impulsive spending. Keep a grocery list with this app to make sure you don't overspend. Syncing between phones also lets your roommate/husband/wife/partner know what you've already picked up.

7 Dinner Spinner: Don't let that extra food in the fridge go to waste, make something delicious with it! This app from popular recipe site, Allreceipes.com, uses the ingredients you already have and come up with a delicious dish. You not only save money but it's also great for discovering new recipes!

8 Google Voice: Save money on your cell phone bill by texting free with Google Voice, as well as making cheap international calls. You also get the added benefit of being able to access your text and voicemail on your computer!

9 Google Shopper: Compare prices of ANYTHING on the fly. Use Google Shopper app to scan any barcodes or take a picture to make sure you're not getting ripped off.

10 Amazon App Store: Exclusively on Android, the Amazon app store is more organized and curated than the native Android app store. And with the free app of the day, you can save money on paid apps too!

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