10 More Places You Might Forget To Clean

10 More Places You Might Forget To Clean

Beth Zeigler
May 12, 2010

051210cleaning-01.jpgWe're gearing up for the parental units to stay with us over the summer and have started to make lists of things we can't forget to clean. It's amazing the things we usually don't get around to scrubbing during our regular cleaning schedule. We've got 10 more places you might forget to clean (adding on to Laure's 5 spots) after the jump!

Lamp shades Living in Los Angeles, dust seems to multiply overnight. Ditto for the pet hair from our four animals. The most surprising place it lands? The lampshades. Since we don't own a vacuum cleaner, we use a lint roller to clean up our fabric lamp shades. In addition, Sarah Rae posted helpful ways to clean other types of lampshades here.

Plant leaves In our past life, we worked at numerous restaurants and one task that followed us no matter where we worked: keeping the plant leaves clear of dust. Gregory uses mayonnaise to clean his house plants (while we always used water and an organic degreaser).

Microwave Lately, each time we have used the microwave, we look away in disgust at how dirty it has become. We blame moving in with the beau but also can't believe we haven't given it a good wipe down. Here's a super simple way to tackle the chore and cross it off the to-do list.

Tea pot Since we use our tea pot daily, it sits out on the stove for easy access. Because of this, it accumulates dust and grime (and attracts grease while we're cooking evening meals). We can't wait to clean it with a little vinegar and water and restore it to its original shine.

Base boards Our usual cleaning routine consists of mopping, dusting and giving the kitchen and bathroom a good cleansing. But we usually don't clean the base boards until it builds up and becomes noticeable. Here's an easy solution to keep them clean and clear of buildup--take your broom along the baseboard and sweep in one motion. Follow it up with a Lysol wipe or wet cloth to make them shiny and clean.

Television screen While we have no trouble remembering to wipe down the mirrors and windows, the actual TV screen is something we always forget to conquer. Depending on your type of Television, follow these guidelines to give it a sparkling screen.

Books Again--dust accumulates at lighting speed, especially on the top edges of a books pages. Tightly close the book and vacuum with an extension or use a duster to get rid of buildup.

Door knobs Even though we may never see the dirt and grime that accumulates on a door knob, it's still there. And once we clean a door knob, it's likely we won't notice a difference--but it just feels like good feng shui to give them a wipe down. Not to mention ridding your home of unwanted germs.

Kitchen/bathroom drawers We recently had a client ask for contact paper suggestions for her bathroom drawers. "The busier the print, the better" was her request (since bathroom drawers get so dirty). While calling attention away from the dirt is one option, it's best to pull everything out of the drawers and give them a wipe every 2-4 months.

Front door While your guests are waiting to be let in, they're staring at your dirty front door. In the past, we've simply sprayed the door down with a hose. For the more adventurous, an alternative solution--give the front door a makeover, painting it in a playful, fun color.

(Image: How To: Clean Your Lampshades)

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