10 Powerful Productivity Browser Extensions

10 Powerful Productivity Browser Extensions

Chris Perez
Nov 16, 2012

What apps are to the smartphone, extensions are to the desktop browser. Extensions and plug-ins can extend utility in a multitude of ways, helping you be more productive by keeping you on task, organizing bookmarks for you, and letting you bookmark sites to read later. Check out some of the best extensions you should be using to ramp up the productivity...

Pocket (Chrome | Safari | Firefox )

The pocket service lets you store articles that require more than your casual browsing attention span or videos that might induce too much laughter in the workplace. Sign up for an account and then just use the extension to click and pocket content for viewing when you find the time and place for it.

Last Pass (Chrome | Safari | Firefox)

How much time do you spend each day entering passwords and usernames? Likely too dang much! Let Lastpass help you out and fill in the blanks and even auto-login for you so you can get where you need to go with less fuss and keystrokes.

Day Hiker (Chrome)

Instead of keeping an open tab of your Google Calendar, just click the convenient button this extension provides to get a quick glimpse of your day and upcoming tasks or events. It even features next event reminders and convenient pop-outs you can place on your desktop to keep tasks from being out of sight, out of mind.

Super Sorter (Chrome)

Bookmarks tend to stack up like a pile of dirty dishes. And just like those dishes, nobody wants to clean them or organize them. But have no fear, Super Sorter is here! Let this extension delete duplicates and arrange your bookmarks in alphabetical order so that you don't waste time searching through jumbled lists.

Hello Fax (Chrome)

One of the biggest time sucker's these days is when someone asks me to fax something. For reals? This usually leads me on a print, sign, scan, convert to PDF routine but Hello Fax lets you add signatures and send the document back to a fax number all in the browser. Now you can finally respond to those pesky fax requests without ever getting the trees involved.

Invisible Hand (Chrome | Safari | Firefox)

If you shop online, you're likely to do a little bit of price comparing while you're at it. Once again a handy extension does the trick. Invisible Hand, which isn't as creepy as it sounds, will throw-down a little banner if you're on the page of something you're shopping for and let you know if it's cheaper elsewhere. I personally like how it works for things like rental cars, and flights.

Rescue Time (Chrome | Firefox)

How much time are you spending on Facebook? Pinterest? Download this extension and you'll know the shocking truth. Rescue Time will even provide productivity charts for you, and let you jovially brag about how much time you've been wasting on such social time-suckers - just don't share the statistics with your boss.

One Receipt (Chrome)

Need to know what exactly that charge on your credit card statement was for? One Receipt keeps tabs on all your online purchases so you can match up charges to itemized purchases. The OneReciept platform is also helpful for budgeting and getting a clear look at how your spending is trending. This should definitely help for the upcoming holiday season.

Send to Kindle (Chrome | Safari)

Give your Kindle more functionality and use by offloading longer articles and reading content you find online. Just click the button and article(s) will be sent to your Kindle for browsing before bed or reading out on the veranda.

Google Voice (Chrome)

If you're a Google Voice user, then keep track of your incoming calls and text messages right within the Chrome browser. Your contacts will wonder how you manage to respond so promptly.

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