10 Must-Have Essentials for a First Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I have lived with multiple roommates, in multiple cities, and have moved in and out of my mom’s house several times. I acquired some things along the way, but found that sharing living spaces with others meant I could keep a low profile and move without the hassle of moving much stuff. Then this past year I finally moved into an apartment I could call my own, which meant setting up my first kitchen.

I started with some glassware, plates and utensils I bought from a local thrift store, and a box of odds and ends I had collected over the past few years. Then over the next couple months I filled in my kitchen with what was necessary to prepare and cook some basic meals. Below is what I use weekly, if not daily, and consider essentials for a first kitchen:

1. Pots & pans: a stainless steel frying pan for cooking eggs, a saucepan with a lid for cooking grains, vegetables, and sauces, and a cast-iron skillet for everything else.
2. Well sharpened chef’s knife
3. Cutting board
4. Food storage containers: chances are you’re making some meals in bulk for lunch or dinner the next day, especially if you’re on a budget. I made the switch from plastic to glass, and use a combination of rectangular glass nesting containers and old food jars.
5. Wooden spoons
6. Mixing bowls: you don’t need a complete set to start. I have 2 (small and large), and they’ve worked out well so far. Opt for stainless steel or glass if possible – plastic is not as sturdy.
7. Colander
8. Can opener
9. Toaster oven: it’s the first appliance I bought, and it’s great for cooking and reheating meals, especially when you’re cooking for one.
10. French press: a morning cup of coffee is very necessary in my apartment!

Do you agree with this list? Is there something you would trade out? Share your essentials in the comments below!

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