10 New Must-See Room for Color Entries: Week Two

10 New Must-See Room for Color Entries: Week Two

Janel Laban
Nov 3, 2011

We're deep into the Room for Color 2011 contest, publishing beautiful, colorful rooms every day for you to add to your list of favorites. Remember, you can choose as many as you like as favorites throughout the voting period, so don't be shy. Click through for the hottest of the hot list, according to the voters, for Week Two and vote, vote, vote…

• Brooklyn, New York
• Color Tips: Whites and creams can be very effective as accent colors. The contrast created by white in simple elements such as picture frames, patterns in cowhide, baseboards, or even a switch plate can help intensify a color.

• Portland, Oregon
• Color Tips: Small amounts of paint can go a long way! I've always been concerned about painting in rentals for fear of losing my security deposit or having to repaint before moving out. Now that we plan to stay put for a few years, I've decided a little bit color is worth it for me. I've painted two walls in the living room, the backsplash in the kitchen, and the outside of the bathtub - and it's a huge improvement over all white everything.

• Brooklyn, New York
• Color Tips: I don't really have rules I just balance the weight of the colors around the room so it feels comfortable.

• San Francisco, California
• Color Tips: have no idea. I like what I like and usually just go for it (without bringing swatches home or anything). I go to the store and buy a gallon crossing my fingers it will work! This usually works out for me. Its just paint, so if you don't like it, you can always paint over it! My house is in constant flux - I'll try something for a few days and if it doesn't work, I'll try something else.

• Durham, North Carolina
• Color Tips: If you like a color, just go for it. In most cases it's just paint which is fairly inexpensive and can always be changed. Don't be afraid to try out something you think you'll love.

• Perrysburg, Ohio
• Color Tips: Keep tweaking it until it works.

• Saint Louis, Missouri
• Color Tips: Find a few pieces you love (the art, bedding and lamps in my case) and pull the rest of your colors from them. That way you have a color palette you know you'll love. Also, don't settle if you don't love it. The first blue I chose looked too much like it was for a baby boy. It's a pain to repaint, but better than leaving the door closed all the time because you know it's not quite right.

• New York, New York
• Color Tips: Think about the lighting in your space and work with that to create the environment that you are looking for. My space was a long narrow studio so I needed to make sure it was bright, welcoming, and fun. Don't be afraid to use bright colors -- they're fun!

• Salt Lake City, Utah
• Color Tips: This is quite a small room, so I chose to use one main color and then repeated it throughout. This helps bring a cohesiveness to a small space. The secondary colors visually complement and don't compete with the main color.

• San Francisco, California
• Color Tips: As a very visual person, I find myself truly impacted by my surroundings. Colors can make or break an environment and my best tip would be to take time to interact with colors and investigate how they make you feel. Sometimes we see color combos that we love, but that doesn't mean it compliments our lifestyle.

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