10 Offices Where Both Macs and PCs Play Nice

10 Offices Where Both Macs and PCs Play Nice

Taryn Williford
Apr 22, 2011

Can't we all just get along? All the Mac vs. PC hate is starting to weigh on us. Instead let's band together as techies and recognize that we can all play nice together, whether you're the proud owner of a sleek Mac or a powerful PC—or even one of these cool Frankenstein multi-platform home offices.

Frankenstein home offices come in many shapes and sizes. Some feature a Hackintosh, a PC monitor running Apple's OS. Others are strictly PCs, just with the added bonus of a sleek Apple keyboard.

And still, some are just mutli-computer desks. Switching seamlessly between Mac and PC platforms gives you the best of both worlds.

Just check out these real-life offices found on Flickr for inspiration:

    TOP ROW:
  1. Flickr member linuslin, featuring a Dell PC and MacBook side-by-side.
  2. Flickr member cr03, featuring a P4 3.0GHz and a Macbook Pro 1.8GHz Duo
  3. Flickr member Rob Towell, featuring a MAcBook Air and Samsung PC.
  4. Flickr member Yutaka Tsutano, packing two PCs, an iMac, a MacBook Pro, two iPhones, an iPad, an Apple keyboard and a Magic Mouse.
  5. Flickr member cgrossmeier, featuring three Dell U2410 monitors, an iPad, and a 13" MacBook pro.

  7. Flickr member Fr3d.org, with three PC monitors (LG, Dell and ViewSonic) with an Apple keyboard and Core 2 Duo Mac Mini.
  8. Flickr member aooa, featuring an Asus monitor, Logitech keyboard and mouse, and a 13" MacBook Pro.
  9. Flickr member jailman, with PC monitors running Apple's OS, plus a PC laptop.
  10. Flickr member iambents, featuring an iMac sitting side-by-side with a Fujitsu tablet PC.
  11. Flickr member Vince Welter, with a Dell 24" LCD monitor (with a Microsoft Optical Mouse), a 15" MacBook Pro (with a Logitech Bluetooth mouse), and an iPhone.
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