10 People No One Wants to Fly With

10 People No One Wants to Fly With

Marlen Komar
May 11, 2017
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No matter if you catch an hour long flight to a nearby city or hunker down for the long haul to Asia, there are certain people that make it onto the plane that no one looks forward to being seated next to. I get it, travel isn't a cake-walk for anyone. The seats are lumpy, you mysteriously feel starved the second you lock your seat belt on, and the next few hours are a timeline of boredom and "are-we-there-yet" feelings. But there are certain travelers that make the whole ordeal a little more eye-twitch inducing, with the only upside being a potentially hilarious story you can share when you land. We've all experienced it before and even – dare I say it – have possibly been guilty of the crime of being that person. Ahead are 10 people no one wants to fly with!

The Person with the Stinky Socks

We all like to get comfortable once we get to our designated seats, whether it's taking out the memory foam traveling pillow or pulling on our cuddliest hoodie. And while it's totally okay to slip out of trainers, make sure that you've got some odor eaters in there! When the dude next to you toes of his boots and you're hit with an immediate gym sock smell, it's hard not to passively aggressively take away his arm rest privileges with your elbow.

The Lady That Puts Her Podcast On Too Loud

While I'm sure your show on all the different ways to scramble an egg for breakfast is riveting stuff, I do not want to go down this journey with you. Please, let me read my Nora Roberts book in peace.

The Guy Whose Big Toe Is Now Touching You

It might be comfy to put your feet up in that little nook of the armrest in front of you, but there are two rules in doing so: Number one, make sure you have socks on (no one wants to see your toe hair from the corner of their eye,) and two, don't assault the person in front of you with your foot! If you're connecting with their elbow, you've tunneled too far in my friend.

The Person That Won't Shush When The Lights Turn Off

You might not be sleepy when the stewardesses dim the lights, but if you're sitting there chatting away loudly about how crazy the Big Little Lies finale was at top volume, then don't be surprised if a peanut packet connects with your head at some point. Especially if you ignore the pleading looks of the cranky lady sitting down the aisle. She has ammunition and isn't afraid to use it.

That One Person That Drank A Little Too Much Free Wine

You know the one that starts cackling loudly at whatever 2014 movie is streaming on their TV, and might spill a little Merlot as they miss their mouth and dribble it down their chin? They're great entertainment to watch, but bless the person who's sitting right next to them.

The Guy That Smuggled A Fish Sandwich Onto The Plane

Just so you know there is a mutiny being planned against you. A plan is being passed on a hastily scrawled napkin, and it's being progressed from row to row.

The Person That Rushes To Get Their Carry-On Before You

There is a system, people. We all get off in a single-file line. So when that one person three rows behind you elbows past you and clips you in the head with their backpack, you're allowed to think dark, mean thoughts for exactly five seconds.

That One Chatter Box

I don't mind a friendly conversation during dinner, but we've all had that one person that wants to become soulmates while crossing the Atlantic together. No matter how many times you've put your head phones on or picked up your book pointedly, they'll keep talking about their childhood dog Herbert until the plane lands.

The Litter Bug

I know you have to wait till the trash bag comes around to tidy your station, but did your Oreo wrapper literally just land in to my open book? Get your house in order!

That One Person That Didn't Have Time For Deodorant

I hate to judge that one person that smells like they ran down the highway all the way to the airport from their house, because honestly we've all been there. You think the pit area is good to go for the day, and then you show up to the office or the dinner date and discover your deodorant has abandoned you. But it still sucks to realize that the person you are now trapped with for the next few hours smells like they did Cross-Fit in the terminal before boarding.

But like I said, if you have a good sense of humor you can take all this in stride! Sometimes the most annoying, inconveniencing moments can turn into the best stories.

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