7 Places To Hang A Stocking Other Than From A Fireplace

published Nov 29, 2010
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Although we haven’t conduced an official study of how many folks have a fireplace and how many don’t, we’re going to guess that more people are looking for creative ways to hang their stocking during the holidays than not. We happen to be part of that crowd, so without further ado, here’s 7 festive ways to display your stockings!

1. Ladders: Vintage, worn or broken ladders are easy to come by at estate sales, auctions, antique stores and Craigslist. Lean them against the wall and when the season is over, use them to hold blankets, jackets or even hang plants from instead!

2. Window Sills: Commercial weighted stocking hangers can be found at most retailers these days. Simply place them in your sill and you’re all set for Santa!

3. Ends Of Your Bed: Hang your stockings from the ends of your bed for a little holiday spark in the bedroom. You can make a loop that will slide over a footboard or tie a simple strong from one side to the other in which to hang it.

4. Coat Rack: Turn your trusty coat rack into a stocking holder (or pick up a spare just for the occasion). They can be free standing or wall mounted, but either way they’re sturdy enough to keep things in place, no matter how much loot is in store for them.

5. Dresser: Many dressers have knobs that make stockings easy to be hung by, not even a single nail required!

6. From A Stick: There’s not many things we won’t hang from a stick, just attach chains to either end and anchor to the ceiling with hooks. Stockings will literally be able to be hung from anywhere!

7. On The Wall: You don’t really need anything other than a nail to make a presentation of stockings, try adding framed family photos around them to make it a grouping of holiday cheer!

Do you have a suggestion to add to the list? Make sure to add your traditions or ideas to the comments below!