7 Places to Incorporate an Accent Color

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is the second time today we’ve featured a room by designer Amy Lau. She’s got a lot of good ideas, and we didn’t want to let this bedroom slip by unnoticed. Off-white establishes a background, but yellow is the real showstopper, incorporated in subtle and not-so-subtle ways throughout the room. Although you may prefer a less coordinated look in your own home, this space illustrates lots of ideas for using color as an accent…

• Rugs: A yellow pattern on a white background sets the tone for the room.
• Pillows: Solid yellow throw pillows create blocks of color on the bed.
• Artwork/Frames: Coordinating frames bring cohesiveness to an art collection.
• Window Treatments: The valance creates a bold stripe of yellow near the ceiling.
• Accent Furniture: Stools at the foot of the bed are a dramatic accessory.
• Cushions: On the wicker chair, yellow cushions coordinate with the room.
• Small Accessories: Vases on the bedside table tie into the color scheme.

Other places to color coordinate accents include lighting, molding, and textiles such as bedding and tablecloths. For ideas on pairing colors and choosing accents, check out our color combo posts.