10 Places To Pick Up Used Children's Books

10 Places To Pick Up Used Children's Books

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 23, 2010

Although there's something special about purchasing new books for your children, we know it can get pricey to fill those bookshelves. Instead of heading to your chain bookstore, try these 10 ideas for getting them for less — much less! Can you believe all the books above were found at the thrift store?

Have you found a great place to pick up secondhand books? Check the list below and add your own finds (even if they're local only) in the comments below!

• Craigslist: Forget trying to search for them in specific categories (though there is a book section), try a mass search under items for sale. If you'd like to narrow your results try adding the words kid, kids, childrens, little or young. Many parents list them, but they're often in other sections of this wonderful website.

• Library Sales: Usually at least once a year, most public libraries will have a book sale. Ask at your local library to find out when theirs is is. They sell books that have seen a lot of love, books they have multiple copies of and books that are donated to them.

• Auctions: Although an auction probably won't be where you'll find a ton of new books, they are a great place to find vintage children's books that are perfect for framing or turning into other assorted crafts. Not all books are for reading right?

• Garage Sales: This is the easiest place to find books as many parents always have a box or two of their family's favorite reads looking for a new home. They don't want to take anything back inside, so make sure you strike up a bargain!

• Consignment Stores: Many stores selling children's consignment apparel often carry books and toys as well. You can also check mass consignment sales for the same thing. Call ahead to save yourself the drive to ensure they'll have some!

• Thrift Stores: Even though many of the books at thrift stores have seen their share of love, they can still be brought back to life is you want to give them a spine. Try making worn paperbacks into hardbound versions or using books with missing pages into a large book of the same kind of thing (animals, cars, exc).

• Facebook: Is there anything Facebook doesn't provide us with? Just put up a posting or make a note to all your mom and dad friends and see if they have anything they'd like to donate or even trade for?

• Reduced Price Rack: So you won't find them second hand, but the reduced tables at your local chain retailer can often provide inexpensive hardbound childhood favorites. They often reproduce retro reads in mass and have bulk left over!

• Host A Swap: Who doesn't love a good swap? Get parents from your social circle together to see what they have in their library that is ready for a new home. Everyone goes home with new books and there's built-in childcare while you're digging through friends' old reads.

• Half Priced Books: Now, we know Half Priced Books isn't everywhere in the country, but there might be a similar store near you. They buy and sell new and old books alike and their children's books can be found for a fraction of the original cost and often in impeccable condition.

(Image: Flickr member artifishall licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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