12 Places You Didn’t Know Had Free WiFi

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sure, we all know many
airports and cafes have free WiFi, but what about your local big box retailer? Recently we were surprised to discover a free
WiFi hotspot where we did not expect it which got us thinking about all of the unexpected places where we’ve found free WiFi (and we are not just talking about your neighbor’s unsecured
linksys network).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • The Laundromat Free WiFi really helps make the chore of laundry all that much more tolerable.
  • Best Buy We were pleasantly surprised after discovering we had zero cell phone reception to price check that Best Buy has a free wireless network. The network was speedy and reliable, everything we could want for browsing on our mobile device (hint AT&T hint).
  • Fast Food While we are not huge fans of their food we do like the free WiFi.
  • The Park Although the weather is turning a bit nippy, we do still enjoy our time outside in the park. Many parks, like our local Bryant Park, offer free WiFi as part of the Public Internet Project.
  • Grocery Store While this might sound crazy for some to believe, our local Whole Foods is the most inexpensive place to shop for fresh food. Throw in the free WiFi that’s offered and those lines don’t seem anywhere near as terrible.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  • The Bus Several bus lines now offer free WiFi, these include Megabus and Bolt.
  • EZ Lube Oil Change & Car Dealerships While we don’t have a car our friends that do are pleased that free WiFi is something they can enjoy while they wait for the oil in their car to be changed.
  • The Train Yet another reason to forgo the security hassle of flying and travel via the train…several Amtrak lines now have free WiFi!
  • Gyms & Yoga Studios While browsing the web is not exactly going to help you get into shape, we can definitely see the use for free WiFi where we exercise.
  • The Courthouse Next time you are serving Jury Duty check with your local courthouse for free WiFi.
  • Museums When we visit museums we don’t go to browse the internet, but it is helpful to have free WiFi for planning your next stop.
  • Bookstores Many bookstores including Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Housing Works all offer free WiFi.

What are some unexpected places where you’ve encountered free WiFi?

(Images: flickr user Charleston’s TheDigitel under license from Creative Commons, flickr user Alan Levine under license from Creative Commons, and flickr user Bert Kommerij under license from Creative Commons.)