10 Reasons To Throw A Party Besides A Birthday

10 Reasons To Throw A Party Besides A Birthday

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 3, 2010

Birthdays and expectant mothers seem to have all the fun when it comes to parties, but we've rounded up a few ideas for those who are looking to hang out and have a good time for other reasons. Can you tell what party the kids above will be attending? Check the list after the jump and see for yourself!

1. Book Swap: Have kids bring one book from their home that's ready to find a new family to love it. They can bring 1 or 5, but either way, everyone goes home with something new to read and a story to fall in love with.

2. Swamp Tromp: Growing up my family lived on a long creek that eventually connected to the Missouri River. Each year the neighborhood kids would pack a lunch and make a day of tromping through the muck. Pick a pond or local lake and go exploring the shores. You know what's more fun than one kid finding a frog? Ten kids finding frogs!

3. Snowballs & Sledding: The winter standby, like you really need an excuse to get people together in the winter. Snow balls, forts, luge runs, sledding, just make sure you send an invite our way!

4. Leaf Jumping: If your neighborhood is covered from top to bottom with leaves, try having friends and family over to help get the job done of clearing them off. Make sure everyone gets a turn or two at jumping into piles before they all get bagged up.

5. Mario: If you have a game console in your home, chances are good there's a Mario game on it. Super Mario Brothers is always kid friendly, age appropriate (no matter how young or old) and is a straight up good time!

6. Schools In/Schools Out: No school or back to school are always reasons to throw a small get together. Let them celebrate their new freedom, or let parents celebrate theirs, either way it works!

7. First Armpit Hair: Although we're only slightly kidding, small, seemingly trivial things like first armpit hairs are a big deal when you're a kid. Have a fun, funky party and please send us photos if you get the others in attendance stick on mustaches (Which could double as stick on armpit hair) to use as a great photo opportunity! Give the kids trial size deodorant as a parting gift and watch them giggle!

8. First Broken Bone: There are so many restrictions when you're injured - you can't take a shower, you have to have help with everything, etc.. If little Johnny breaks his leg, have everyone over and do things that the whole group can do. Plus, everyone wants to play pin the tail on the 3-legged donkey.

9. Team Sports: Most teams only see each other on the field or at the gym during practice. Help them get to know each other more and invite them over for pizza and snacks at your place.

10. Just 'Cause: You don't need a special occasion to throw a party, so send out overnights and let kids be kids! Just be prepared with snacks!

What silly party ideas can you think of? Kids remember the silly and the idea of them sharing stories when they're 30 about their first armpit hair party might actually bring a tear to your eye.

(Image: Flickr member jekert gwapo licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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