10 Rooms We’re Green With Envy For

Green is a great color that can be a good fit for any child. There are so many different hues of it, we thought a little eye candy was in order. Some have it on the walls, some dawn it in other places, but no matter where it is, we’re totally green with envy&hellip

First Row, Left To Right
Nina Lou’s Falling Waters: Even though the walls in this space aren’t painted exclusively green, the lush forest wallpaper is enough for us!

Tallulah’s Colorful Nursery: This room is seafoam at its best. It’s a bit vintage and a bit retro, but a whole lot of awesome and fun.

Luc’s Robotronic Lair : This space is green in big ways and balances with brown throughout the space. Soothing and oh-so robot-tastic.

David’s Bedroom: This space accents all over green paint with bright pops of orange. It can transition easily with a growing child in the years to come.

Luca & Gia’s Simply Smashing Shared Space: This space has all green walls and is shared by two siblings. It’s balanced by almost every color in the rainbow, see for yourself!

Second Row, Left To Right
Meg’s Kid-Friendly Vintage Chic Playroom: The big pop of green on the linens makes this room truly come alive. It’s a great way to play with color instead of being matchy-matchy.

My Room: Oliver: This space is heavy handed when it comes to green accents. The toys all match and to us, it’s like a color coded bookshelf — a thing of beauty.

Oscar’s Big Boy Room: This space in an oh-so cozy shade of green surrounds you like a warm blanket — yes please!

Rowen’s Nursery Tour: This space has neutral walls and floors with one big patch of grass, or rather green stripe down the middle. Along with green accents, you might as well be on a safari

Raffaella’s Pink Peacocks: Although this room isn’t green in a big way, the small pop of color in the carpet (just one square) and the chair keep it from being over the top color coordinated and extra matchy. It’s a great way to bring in just a little bit of something else and have it look like a design choice instead of an “oops.”

(Images: See full image credits from the links above)