10 Secrets of Facebook Revealed

10 Secrets of Facebook Revealed

Gregory Han
Oct 19, 2010

If you're like us and Daily Beast's Thomas Weber, you're a daily Facebook visitor. The social network has become an integrated part of our life, often bridging between online and real world interactions. But as recent news about Facebook apps leaking personal information and the Social Network movie reveal, not everything is all rosy in the world of "Likes" and sharing. Weber had a team dig into Facebook for a month and discovered ten bits of information that every user should know about how the site works...

The month long study conducted by Weber revolved around a 60-year old Facebook newbie, alongside two dozen volunteers who recorded the new user's experiences/feeds during his month-long foray into the world of Facebook. Within this time, ten tidbits were uncovered:

  1. Facebook's system makes it difficult for new users to be heard via feeds.
  2. The Catch-22: friend interaction requires friends to comment, but for them to comment they must see your updates in the first place.
  3. "Top News" system is not based upon the amount of activity, but the type of updates posted.
  4. "Most Recent" feed is censored and you can cap the number of friends in the feed in Edit Options.
  5. Perusing your friends' pages and photos have no effect upon the Facebook algorithms.
  6. BUT stalking in the other direction - friends checking out your pages - aids in your Facebook popularity (aka addition to Top News feeds).
  7. Links are more powerful than status updates.
  8. Photos and videos are more powerful than links.
  9. The more comments per posted item, the more powerful your Facebook visibility
  10. Facebook operates much like high school, rather than college. The "cool" users with 600+ friends have the most power to proliferate their ideas and content to Top News or Most Recent.

An important note mentioned at the conclusion of the report:

You might think you've shared those adorable new baby photos or the news of your big promotion with all your friends. Yet not only does Facebook decide who will and won't see the news, it also keeps the details of its interventions relatively discreet.

The full findings in greater detail are available over at the Business Insider's, How Facebook Decides What to Put In Your News Feed - These 10 Secrets Reveal All. And it might be a good time to brush up on some of the easy Facebook security options and privacy tips...and a reminder overall just be a little more cognizant about what and how you share your information.

Perhaps sharing all this information with your mom, dad and relatives will scare them off from posting embarrassing information and comments in your feed now. But probably not.

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