8 Small Space Organizational Solutions Under $50

8 Small Space Organizational Solutions Under $50

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 9, 2010

Yesterday you gave us a little guff for our 10 Small Space Solutions under $100 post. Well, today we'd like to come back with a more traditional "resources post" to satisfy those who were looking for the more MacGyver type solutions (most of which are way under $100), that do neat tricks when it comes to storage in small spaces.

While we'll still hold our ground that our previous post was full of great retail decorating solutions for small spaces, we should have made it more clear that we were all about bringing in personality and pizazz instead of trying to figure out where to hide your stuff away from the spying eye of your company.

If you're looking for small space organizational solutions, well then you've come to the right place, here's 8 that we've seen in action and would suggest to anyone. If you have one in your own home that didn't make the list, make sure to leave us a link in the comments!

First Row, Left To Right
Molly Mutt Dog Bed: Pet owner or not, these doggy bed duvets do great double duty in a small space. We are Molly Mutt owners and have been nothing but thrilled with the product. We for ours for the dogs and fill it with additional blankets and linens (which we wash before company needs to sleep on them), but if you're not a pet owner, there's several styles that don't scream dog and could be filled with blankets, pillows or store bought fluff and made into a giant floor pillow for game/movie night when you have extra company. Just because there's a dog in the picture, doesn't mean you have to use them for such. This model retails for $45.

Tilt Bin Storage: This type of storage is usually found in the garage, but we think it's great for the kitchen, bathrooms or even home office — anywhere you might have little small things that need corralling without taking up counter or drawer space. Use them in groups for a dramatic effect. Check hardware stores and discount stores for all different colors, we found these at Overstock for $19.09.

Casters: When space is tight, often times we need to easily relocate our furniture or belongings to make additional room. For instance, if we wanted to clear space to have a dinner party for 20, we could wheel all our other furniture easily and without breaking a sweat if they were on casters. Especially these oh so pretty wood ones from Cool Casters ($14/ea).

&pushId=APARTMENT_FURNISH&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=">Burro Table Legs: Although traditional saw horses work just fine, we love that these can completely disassemble and pack flat in a closet, under a bed or even under your sofa. Perfect when paired with a spare hollow core door (which is also stored under your bed or sofa) for a party of any size or any place! (&pushId=APARTMENT_FURNISH&popId=APARTMENT&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=">$28/ea)

Ratione Variera: Ikea carries these slide out organizers which are perfect for little places like under your sink (bathroom or kitchen) or even on the inside of a desk with straight sides.

Second Row, Left To Right
Cabinet Door Racking: You can find many versions of this idea at assorted retailers, though this one comes from The Container Store. We love the idea of using the inside of your cabinets to holster extra kitchen products when you're short on drawer space.

Flort: Even though the original purpose of this product is originally marketed for living room use, we think it would be great for use as a nightstand when you just don't have space. In a small bedroom, they can be a lifesaver to hold glasses, your iPod, remotes, magazines... anything really. It takes up zero floor space and even disappears when your bed is made and the blankets are pulled up. Although you could make your own, they're only $4.99 at Ikea.

Glass Jars: Having a small space often times means having things more on display rather than tucked away. These glass jars (or any other brand) are a great way to make any collection or small gathering of items look great while still being out in the open. Have art supplies? What about sea shells from when you were little? These are perfect for keeping them together! This set of 3 is $36.49 from Overstock.

We do want to make note, that the best small space storage solutions aren't those that are found in retail stores. Usually pieces that are custom made to fit your own space will make the most impact as each apartment or home is different from the next. We suggest taking a trip to the hardware aisle and imagine what items could have double duty or make movable, helpful items for how you and your family puts your space to use.

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