10 Small Space Hanging Gardens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we often say here on Apartment Therapy, the secret to maximizing a small space is to look up. Vertical spaces often go unused — especially when it comes to gardening. And right now I’m loving simple, hanging gardens using new and vintage vessels.

Though we’ve covered a lot of ‘vertical gardens’, I’m getting super into the trend of hanging planters — both modern and vintage (the macrame planter in the first picture is my own). You can fill them with a mixture of plants, play with scale and stagger the height of a cluster of them to fill up an otherwise unused space. I particularly love a cluster right by the kitchen window. It just feels like home.

• 1. Roost Macrame Hanging Candle Holder that I repurposed to plant a donkey tail in — now hanging by my kitchen window.
• 2. Jeana Sohn’s Restful Corner complete with a hanging string of hearts.
• 3. Reapproproated Vintage Containers house succulents and are hung in a cluster.
• 4. Go Mod with the circle pot from spotted at last years LA Garden Show
• 5. Go Big with a hard to kill houseplant cascading in front of a window (from Alex and Cory’s Small Cool Entry back in ’09)

• 6. Upside down Airplants from Michael McDowell – modern and hard to kill.
• 7. Hanging Poppies spotted over on Design Sponge are dramatic and won’t be as long lived as succulents or traditional houseplants, but man are those beautiful. And a nice alternative to having cut flowers.
• 8. Mix and Matched Vintage containers in front of a window from a favorite southern california blog, No Accounting For Taste
• 9. Hanging Herb Garden made possible by planters from boskke makes way more space in the kitchen for an herb garden.
• 10. Hanging Geo Planter from Kelly Lamb is modern and simple for a single succulent or pack it with dozens. Love the sculptural shape.