10 Small Space Solutions from Hotels

If you’re on the hunt for small space design inspiration, hotels are one of the best places to look. They’re compact, and they fit a lot of different functions (sleeping, workspace, TV, bathroom) into one room. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up some really tiny spaces and searched them for ideas that would translate well into a studio apartment.

  1. Yotel Airport Hotels, UK: Located on airport premises and designed for people who have a layover, these mod pods are equipped with a “techno wall” that houses the TV, a fold-out desk, electrical outlets, and a tiny closet.

    Small Space Idea: Streamline a room by consolidating all your tech and storage along one wall.

  2. Ace Hotel, New York: The dark walls and retro furnishings in this Garment District hotel are very hip. The layout is smart: a desk behind the bed creates a casual division between sleepspace and workspace.

    Small Space Idea: Designate zones and subtly section them into different functional areas. Tables, desks, and shelves are multipurpose room dividers.

  3. Maff Apartment, the Hague: Designed by Queeste Architecten and located in the Netherlands, this attic space is a long or short-term holiday rental. Furnishings and storage line the edges of the room, moving seamlessly from bed to banquette to kitchenette.

    Small Space Idea: Custom furniture with built-in storage allows you to maximize square footage.

  4. Good Hotel, San Francisco: Beds at this budget hotel are equipped with underbed storage, built in side tables, and a headboard with clip-on reading lights.

    Small Space Idea: Make your bed work harder by using the space underneath for storage. Sconces or headboard clip-on lights free up the surface of the bedside table.

  5. The Jane, New York: This hotel used to be a sailor’s boarding house. The renovation, designed by Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode, uses twin beds to create a dual lounge and sleeping space, while narrow ledges offer storage.

    Small Space Idea: Make your bed double as your couch. Consider adding a wall-mounted ledge beneath a window, where it adds architectural interest and creates more surface space.

  6. Dasparkhotel, Austria: The hotel transformed concrete pipes into sleeping quarters using a platform, double bed, storage, light, power, sleeping bags, and blankets.

    Small Space Idea: A small platform creates a multi-functional bedroom when you build in storage, lighting, and space to sleep.

  7. The Grand Daddy Hotel Airstream Park, Cape Town: On the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel, you’ll find a skypark with seven stationary Airstream Trailers that can be rented for the night. Each one has a different theme, developed by a local artist or designer.

    Small Space Idea: Use ceiling-mounted cabinets to add storage. Don’t be afraid of color and pattern—they can help to unify a small space.

  8. The Drake Hotel, Toronto: Located in the West Queen West Arts District and designed by a team that included Toronto-based 3rd Uncle Design, the Drake’s rooms feel like well-planned studio apartments.

    Small Space Idea: A long ledge against the wall creates a space-saving desk. Create a multipurpose “closet” with a high clothes rack, a low bench beneath (which can double as a storage surface and extra seating), and built-ins to hide closed storage.

  9. Danhostel, Copenhagen: Hinged bunk beds (La Literal Bunk Beds by Lievore, Altherr & Molina) are mounted to the wall, showing a panel of brightly colored fabric when closed. A wall-mounted desk and sconces also save space.

    Small Space Idea: Use smart, streamlined furniture and bright pops of color to make your space feel modern and open.

  10. The One Hotel, Cambodia: The most remarkable feature of this hotel room is the combination headboard-turned-bathroom. On one side is the bed; on the other is a mirror and a sink counter.

  11. Small Space Idea: The back of one thing is the front of another. Any vertical, freestanding surface can play dual roles.

Photos: Yotel, Ace Hotel, Maff, Good Hotel, The Jane, Dasparkhotel, The Grand Daddy, The Drake, Gubi, The Drake, The One Hotel