16 Clever and Creative Ways to Organize Spices

updated Jan 3, 2024
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

You already have your refrigerator and freezer organized by food type, you’ve got pots and pans neatly stacked, and cleaning products under your sink perfectly arranged. Still, there’s one group of kitchen necessities that always seems to be the trickiest to keep organized: your spices. An essential part of any home cook’s arsenal, spice organization is vital to a functional kitchen.

Now, you may have them shoved in the back of a cabinet, or maybe they’re sprawled out across your kitchen counters, but this all probably feels a little too cluttered for your liking. So what’s a spice lover to do? Luckily, there are a variety of organizational tools available for keeping everything from your paprika to your pumpkin spice in line. Below, we rounded up 16 of the best spice organizers you can get your hands on today. From classic jars and shelving to more innovative finds, we promise you’ll find something you’ll love.

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Floating shelves are always a good idea and many people don’t even consider storing spices on them. This set of three wall shelves is perfect for lining up your spices, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can uniquely display them, like savory versus sweet or alphabetically!

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Arranging your spices on a tiered organizer takes away the guessing game of trying to feel for your cinnamon or cumin in the back of the cupboard. Setting them upon stacked platforms allows for easy visibility and finding.

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With the Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Expandable Metal Spice Rack Organizer, your spice cabinet can become a model of simplicity. This steel organizer expands from 10 to 17.75 inches, making it a perfect fit for any cabinet size. No more digging through messy shelves — everything is clearly visible and easy to grab!

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Opting to set spices up on a lazy Susan not only makes them much more easily accessible, but equally accessible. With a spinning tray, you can say goodbye to awkward shuffling and sifting for what you need every time you fire up the stove. This set is great as it comes with two sizes to perfectly customize your space.

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Putting spices in labeled glass jars keeps gives them a uniform look and allows you to find things in a pinch, like in this Brooklyn apartment.

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This unique pull-out spice organizer keeps everything in order and out of sight. With adjustable dividers and hinged shelves that help you quickly find and bring out any spice you need, it's a winner in our book.

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To keep things neat and tidy, you can simply use windowed tins like the ones above. They prevent the unsightly appearance of random jars and messy bottles by keeping things matching and clean.

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If you’d rather store your spices in a drawer to save cabinet space, try using a drawer insert. Organizers made specifically for jars in drawers are key to preventing inevitable rolling and spilling.

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This spice solution is equal parts form and function, with a standout aesthetic that makes it a showpiece on your countertop. Instead of mismatched jars floating around unfettered in your cabinet, Evermill takes everything countertop, with a streamlined collection of amber glass jars and gilded labels that keep things looking sleek and sophisticated.

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Another way to utilize your drawer space: store your spices in mini mason jars and customize them by painting the tops with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

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A magnetic spice rack can help you utilize space that otherwise would go untouched — like the sides of your fridge! Storing your spices in small canisters that latch onto your fridge saves space and adds style. This example from Gneiss Spice looks beautiful and makes spices even easier to access.

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If your cabinets, walls, and drawers are filled to the brim, an unexpected space might come in handy: the undersides of your cabinets. Try adding a magnetic strip to the bottom and sticking your spice jars to it.

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Another way to take advantage of the space under your cabinets? Hooks. Hanging your spice jars from hooks beneath gives plenty of space for other things in your cabinets and looks pretty stylish too. It’s also a fairly easy DIY project you can tackle if you’d rather make it yourself.

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A pull down spice rack keeps things neat and orderly inside your kitchen cabinet. Instead of staying inside like other organizers, this one pulls out and down so you can grab and search with ease.

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For an extra fun display, you can store spices in test tubes on a rack. It’s a unique piece of decor that also keeps your spices put together. Plus, feeling like a scientist doing an experiment every time you cook sounds like way too much fun.

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For cooking connoisseurs and baking masters, a small spice organizer just won’t do. Instead, install a mini roll-out pantry to keep your spices within arm’s reach that, in reality, still doesn’t take up that much space.