8 Stress Reducing Tips To Save Your Seasonal Sanity

8 Stress Reducing Tips To Save Your Seasonal Sanity

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 4, 2008

We keep small holiday sprigs on hand in our wrapping station. We cut them apart and tie single stems onto individual packages. Easier than a bow and they travel well!

Holidays always feel like they should be less stressful than they are. We are always working with shortened deadlines at work, have a million things on our plates at home and in the end, all we really want is a day off from work to spend with family and friends. Click through the jump for 8 of our most trusted tips on making this the easiest Holiday season yet!

  • Keep Gift Wrapping Staged. This means all of your paper, gift tags, tape, a pen, scissors and ribbon need to be geared up and ready to go. You can also employ your paper towel holder to hold ribbon, or a dowel stuck in a piece of florist foam. Stream lining this process means once a gift is bought it can be brought home, wrapped and considered done!
  • Shop For Things You Love. This year it feels as though there are more deals out there than there are stores. But don't lose the spirit of the holiday season by only buying things that are "steals and doorbusters" and shop from the heart. Not only will it make the recipient smile but it will put a skip in your step as well.
  • Be Healthy. This is the one time of year it feels "ok" to skip the gym and up our caffeine levels. Don't forget about those few drinks at the holiday party and snacks around every corner. It's easy to find pit falls that can cause our bodies to feel more tired than they should, so stay clear and make sure you are drinking enough water.
  • Plan A Day Off. Nothing helps stress like having a day to yourself. Watch your favorite holiday movie, have some hot cocoa and plan your hair appointments or dry cleaning for that day to help eliminate it from the schedule later in the month. Even if you aren't able to take a full day, at least make it out of the office and to lunch one day this month. Or better yet, pack your own, disconnect your phone and turn off your cell and listen to your favorite Christmas CD. Sometimes the best way to catch a break is to plan one into your crazy schedule.
  • Cook. It sounds simple, but in reality when you are jetting back and forth from school plays, church meetings, shopping and parties, it can be an easy one to forget. Keep a few easy throw together meals on hand (good standbys are chili or pizza as they please most) so even when you don't have time.... you will.
  • Plan For Guests Early On. Sometimes the smallest things about throwing a party can stress us out the most at the last minute. When you are in the kitchen dealing with food, the last thing you want to think about is what's under your couch when your guests push it back to make more room. Take 10 minutes a day and assess your space, traffic flow and flat surfaces. People always need places to put drinks, coasters, towels to dry their hands and places to put their feet up. Let that all take care of itself by planning ahead.
  • Keep Your Lists With You. If your lists are on your person, when you find a bargain you know who will receive it and can easily add it to your list. If you're not good with list making, cell phones work well for keeping track of things.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Say No. Sometimes it's as easy as that. Although it's not always the easiest thing to do, the retention of your own sanity can be worth it. Make sure you foster no regrets about your decision and remember how much more enjoyable the season will be with a few less things on your plate.

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