10 Stylish PC Home Offices Without an Apple in Sight

Some say an Apple a day is good advice for health and also good design when it comes to computing. There’s also the belief anybody with a bit of design sense must be a Mac fiend. It’s a dirty rotten lie and not true! Just ask the owners of these ten home offices with a PC machine at the heart of their setups. Each one has it’s own thing going on—some are colorful, some are stark, some are modern, some are soft—but they all have one thing in common. They’re all rocking non-Mac computers.

Even if you’re on the Apple Kool-Aid, you can take inspiration from these ten real-life PC workspaces from Flickr.

    TOP ROW:
  1. Flickr member nimbu makes clean and white work with a Dell Inspiron Notebook, a Dell 24″ monitor and Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.
  2. Ed Venture‘s closet office features a PC with some serious cord management: Below the desk is a pull-out kick panel with workspace cords hidden behind.
  3. Jordan Krogman (Flickr Member It’s Great To Be Home) fashioned a gorgeous yellow-and-gray home office for her PC-loving family.
  4. Flickr Member Life in a flash keeps a soft, feminine look in their double-desk home office.
  5. A rockin’ office indeed. Flickr member zajas stashes a PC and four guitars in their spot.

  7. Samsung, Cherry eVolution, HP and Logitech come together in gray_um‘s space.
  8. A stellar view and a bright orange wall bring this Dell office to life in Flickr member kelpenhagen‘s photo.
  9. With four screens—an Acer monitor, a Dell notebook and two Samsung monitors—on this compact desk, Flickr member Grafix Guru had to go with some colorful shelves for storage.
  10. Black and white is anything but basic in this spot from Klaus Unterkircher, with a Samsung monitor, Cherry keyboard and&mdashoops!—an Apple iPod.
  11. This PC desk from Flickr member kroooz shows us that sometimes all you need for a gorgeous workspace is a great chair.

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