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10 Stylish Ways to Organize Cords

published Jan 15, 2015
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(Image credit: This is Ground)

January – the month we all try to get the year started off right. Christmas decor is tucked away for another year but you’re left with that mess of tech cords tucked in the corner or under your desk. If you were lucky you may even have a few more cords to add from your gift haul. Until we live in a completely wireless world (one day!) we still have to live with wires. The good news is that there’s some pretty stylish options out there that organize and look great.

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1. Cord Tacos by This is Ground. (image by Coco and Mingo)
2. BlueLounge Cable Box available on Amazon.
3. Identify your cords using Cordotz.
4 & 5. Powercurl Mini and Shoelace Cable Ties from The Container Store.

6. Plug Hub by Quirky.
7. If you really want to invest in organization, consider this BlueLounge studio desk with built-in cord storage and access, available on Amazon.
8. Organize by color with these leather cord keepers by Exsect on Etsy.
9. Minimal and modern KVISSLE cable box from IKEA.
10. Modern yet organic Bamboo Cord Cubby found on Houzz.