9 Stylist Secrets for Casual, Comfortable Spaces

9 Stylist Secrets for Casual, Comfortable Spaces

Adrienne Breaux
Dec 21, 2015

Few people want to live in a home that feels stuffy, formal and unwelcoming. But how do you make sure you're adding plenty of elements (and arranging them just so) so that your rooms throw off a casual, comfy vibe that cheers you and guests? These styling secrets might do the trick. Try one or more!

1. Forego window treatments

Save money and time by just avoiding window treatments all together if you have the kind of architecture worth showing off. Or go bohemian and use soft, casual sheers and curtains with rough, unfinished edges.

2. Mismatch

A set of perfectly matching furniture pieces or accessories can look great, but also a little too formal for some spaces. So two mismatch pieces to create an instant feeling of casual in a space.

3. Be playful with pattern

Playing around with pattern by either having bold, graphic patterns that grab attention or mix and matching lots of different types of patterns and prints will have the effect of a space that doesn't take itself too seriously.

4. Layer loosely

Add layers to all the different parts of your home that need a little design detail, but don't be official or strict with your placement or even your collection's rules. Just add in what you love and let it grow organically to have the most casual feel to it.

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5. Let views be of lounging

Take the opportunity to design views from rooms — a peak from a doorway, a view of the end of hallway — make lounging paramount in your home. Piles of pillows and cozy seating areas as the main views will give the whole space a casual feel.

6. Don't be perfect

Be a little less strict with your vignettes. Don't line things up just so. Being causal with your design details — stacks of books, spaces between frames, the way a throw blanket falls on a sofa, the fact that a plant is still in its plastic planter — all add up to a space that doesn't feel stuffy.

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7. Don't snub affordable materials

Showing you're not afraid to leave a material a little raw hints at the kinds of spaces that let their hair down and have a little fun.

8. Incorporate unusual items into your decor

Hung on a wall, arranged in a collection or just boldly displayed, anything can become art and decoration in a home, and the more unusual items you incorporate, the more quirky and cool your home will feel.

9. Pay special attention to your corners

There's a reason the words "casual corner" go so well together — corners are for cozying up in nooks for days with a good book and never leaving. Want more casual spaces that are cozy and cheery? Make your corners extra welcoming and filled-in with art, plants, seating and more.

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