10 Free (or Cheap) Green Table Decor Ideas

10 Free (or Cheap) Green Table Decor Ideas

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 9, 2010

Although there's something fun about going out into the world of retail and seeking out something new and special for your holiday table, when it comes right down to it, many of us would much rather sink that money back into the food we're serving (or simply save it). Here are 10 things to decorate your tables with that won't cost you a single cent!

1. Rocks: Rocks are everywhere and all shapes and sizes. They can hold down a place card or fill a vase, but either way, they're a good thing. Just make sure to wash them up first and let them dry before using.

2. Sticks: This time of year there are plenty of sticks on the ground. Check your local parks and add them to a vase or lay them down the center of a table intertwined with lights. They take spray paint well and can be tossed out without any guilt (though we have a tendency to keep them year round).

3. On Hand Fabrics: Fabric scraps can be a great way to anchor a vase visually to a table. Mix and match and layer them all the way down your tablescape. Sew them together end to end to give yourself a quick runner for your table.

4. Bed Linens: We've used sheets more times than we can count for tablecloths and runners alike. Just fold to the desired size you and you're done. Ironing them goes a long way to making them look, well, not like sheets. And you can even do it straight on the table if you're quick about it!

5. Curtain Panels: Same as the linens above, many of us have stray curtain panels floating around from a previous residence that don't quite fit anymore. Fabric is fabric so bust it out and give it a go! If they still have grommets or ties at the end, weave raffia or a stick through them to give it an intentional look.

6. Cut Tree Limbs: Unlike the sticks mentioned above, take this whole tree thing one step further and physically cut down a limb (we're sure a friend or family member has one that needs to be trimmed), or salvage it from trees that have already been felled. Then slice them into large rounds. They can be coasters or just used to give varying heights to candles and other accessories.

7. Holiday Decorations: Our December holiday decorations can pull double duty all year round. Bust out the lights, ornaments, anything shiny or special. You'll be amazed at how many things don't scream Christmas once you start looking.

8. Pine Cones and Acorns: They are literally everywhere this time of year. Try spray painting them up to be pretty or buffing them with a little gold paint. They can take any table from blah to BLAM! in just a few seconds flat!

9. Dishware: Layer up old plates together or use your serving pieces in unusual ways. Try flipping things over and covering them with a cloth to give your table height or just using them doubled up to give an unusual effect.

10. Glassware: Glassware of all kinds can be used all across your holiday table. Use stemmed glasses to hold tea light candles, flip them over to hold pillar candles or even stack a small plate on top. Same goes for candlesticks or other glassware that's usually treated as decoration throughout your home. Just start stacking and see what you come up with!

Things with versatility are always the best purchases and will serve you well over the years! What do you repurpose around your home?

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