10 Tech Clean Routines You Can Finish in 5 Minutes

10 Tech Clean Routines You Can Finish in 5 Minutes

Taryn Williford
Jul 15, 2011

You know those five minutes you spend waiting for the clock to hit "5:00"? How about those five minutes first thing in the morning, while you're idle in front of the computer screen waiting for your eyes to wake up? You could take those five minutes and turn it into a little mini spring clean.

With only five minutes to work with, you can still get a lot done. And if you take five minutes from each day to tackle one of these quick tech clean routines plucked from the Unplggd archives, you'll have every nook and crannie of your office spotless by week two.

  1. Use a toothbrush or cotton swab to get the gunk out of hard-to-reach monitor corners. (Two Toiletries To Clean Your Computers With)
  2. Mix up water and vinegar to get a streak-free screen finish. (How To Clean Your Screen Without Leaving Streaks )
  3. Get rid of lime deposits and iron stains by running your dishwasher with Kool-Aid powder. No, really. (Clean Your Dishwasher Easily with Kool-Aid)
  4. Use a big pink eraser to wipe down the buttons on your cell phone and TV remote... (5 Household Tech Items You Can Clean With An Eraser)
  5. ...then use it to clean and buff the metallic connections on a memory card or video game cartridge. (5 Household Tech Items You Can Clean With An Eraser)
  6. Blow dust away from vents with your DSLR's air blower. (Using a DSLR Air Blower to Clean Your Computer Monitor)
  7. Clean between your keyboard keys with a mascara brush... (Use a Mascara Brush to Clean Keyboards)
  8. ...or the sticky side of a strip of tape or Post-It note. (Clean Your Keyboard with Tape or a Sticky Note)
  9. You can also use that tape to clean the gunk from your mouse's scroll wheel or scroll dot. (How To Clean Apple's Mighty Mouse without Disassembly)
  10. Remove discoloration from white devices (like your MacBook) with a bit of toothpaste. (Clean MacBook Stains with Toothpaste)

(Images: Flickr member Patrick Yan licensed for use under Creative Commons, Joelle Alcaidinho)

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