10 Tech Housewarming Gifts for Small Space Dwellers

10 Tech Housewarming Gifts for Small Space Dwellers

Eric Chen
Aug 18, 2011

With many of us finally settling into our apartments after the summer moving season (e.g. me!), it's time for the awesome housewarming parties to close out our summer. Don't show up empty handed when you attend these parties, check out* our tech housewarming gift ideas for the techies in your life.

*If you know me personally, please take notes.

1 Bluelounge Notebook Kit: Bluelounge makes a flurry of items that combines design with functionality, and all of us here at Unplggd would love to receive as gifts. The one that caught our eyes as the perfect entry-level gift to any tech junky is their Notebook kit. This is perfect for anyone that uses a laptop regularly, and solves the two basic issues with cooling and tangled cables. Its innovative yet stylish Cool Feet which keeps the laptop elevated and cool while the Cableyoyo keeps any cable organized and free of tangle. Price: $19.95

2 Areaware Alarm Clock for iPhone: This alarm clock dock is the rare intersection of technology and mid-century design. Unlike most iPhone docks, it strays from being minimalistic, instead embraces the form of a modern alarm clock. With its warm wood finish, the Areaware Alarm Clock dock is perfect for those who long for a iPhone dock that will stand out in their bedroom (in a good way). PS Also charges your iDevice while it looks good. Price: $40

3 Powermat Wireless Charging system: Charging with a cable is so 2010, help your friend move into the era of inductive charging with the Powermat system. The Powermat system is a complete charging solution for many smartphones on the market, from RIM to Apple, they have something for everyone. This will help reduce the clutter of charging cables while adding a showoff factor to any techie's home. Price: $49.99 and up

4 Roku 2: The updated streaming player not brings the original web streaming functionality to the TV set, it adds the ability to play games on your TV. The top of the line XS model not only adds USB functions for those home movies, it even comes with motion control built into your remote for enhanced gaming. Yes, there is Angry Bird. Price: $59.99-99.99

5 Microsoft Touch Mouse: Have your PC friends been envious of your Apple Magic Mouse and its multitouch function? The newest mouse from Microsoft brings multitouch mousing(?) to Windows 7. Not only does it have many gestures already preprogrammed for Windows 7, it one heck of a looker too. Your friend won't have to hide this mouse when people are over. Price: $79.95

6 Keurig Brewer: Give this to your friend who cannot make a cup of coffee to save their life. The Keurig will help them make the perfect cup of coffee everytime, no fail. Consider this a gift for yourself for when you visit. Price: $99.95 and up

7 Dyson AM1 Table Fan: This is the cleanest, most modern design we've ever seen for a table fan. This fan is perfect for those with minimalistic taste and will go well with a contemporary interior. And with the recent $100 price slash, it will hurt your pocket a little less when you give it out as a gift.
Price: $199.99

8 SoundFreaq Sound Platform: The Sound Platform is a versatile speaker system that will allow your friend to play music from a variety of sources. With Bluetooth connectivity, your friend will be able to throw awesome house parties, which you can thoroughly enjoy. Price: $179.99

9 Sony Google TV: This may not be the TV for your average consumer, but it's the perfect gift for that techie friend of yours. We love its non-traditional design; the metal wire stand and the white back are welcomed departure from the conventional all black design. And the recent price reduction and the pending update to Android 3.1 make it a pretty darn good deal. Price: $295.00-$961.00

10 Bluelounge Studio Desk: This is gift we reserve for ourselves or our bestest (and most well-heeled) friends. The Studio Desk is perfect for those living in a small space, with hidden compartments for cable management; it will keep your (friend's) office space nice and clean. And for the price, it is a really good buy, and something we'd love to receive for house-warming gift. (hint, hint) Price $599.95

Other Tech Gift Ideas:

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