Increasing the Geek Factor Inside Your Garage

Increasing the Geek Factor Inside Your Garage

Jason Yang
Oct 9, 2012

Those of us lucky enough to have a garage often let it rot away in a sad state of raw, storage-crammed neglect. While one solution is to convert your garage into a (wo)man cave or renovate for other purposes, there's not reason you can't keep it for your car while also upgrading it to a higher standard. While we can't all have Iron Man's garage, a few tech touches can make the garage a perfect geek's haven for the rest of us.

Set Up A Computer Workspace Or Laptop
A computer in the garage is perfect for looking up YouTube videos on DIY projects, searching the internet for ideas and solutions, and much more. You can use a tablet if you'd like, but a full keyboard/mouse and big screen makes you much faster. You can even hook the computer straight up to your TV and share monitors.

Get Some Tunes & TV
Whether you're just tooling around in the garage, tinkering with your car, or avoiding the spouse (hey, we're not here to judge), put some tunes on for some background therapy. Place a television in the room so you don't miss a single play of the big game, or just leave it on HGTV/DIY Network.

Get An Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) Reader
Self diagnose your car's check engine light with an OBD reader. You can go high end with fancy smartphone connected models or budget-minded with a cheap reader. Either way, you can find out what's wrong with your car and fix it yourself, or if you do have to take it in to the dealership you at least will be prepared with info on what's really wrong.

Set Up A Workshop With Power Tools
Whether you're a beginner to power tools and just getting started or looking to add to your collection, get yourself a workspace in your garage. Having the space and the right tools makes all the difference in all those fantastic DIY projects we keep reading about.

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