10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Bohemian

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Bohemian

Dabney Frake
Feb 13, 2014
(Image credit: Bridget Pizzo)

Bohemians are a laid-back bunch, with a distinct sense of style. Think your home comes across as a truly bohemian abode? Here are ten signs to tell for sure...

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

1. Your favorite colors are tie-dye and suzani.

(Image credit: Tom Delevan)

2. You haven’t seen an actual, honest-to-goodness floor since 2010.

(Image credit: Old Brand New)

3. You own more plants than furniture.

(Image credit: Eden Wright Design)

4. Morocco called the other day and they want all their ottomans, lanterns and pillows back.

(Image credit: Justina Blakeney)

5. You know that the only thing that works with pattern is another pattern.

(Image credit: Skinny LaMinx)

6. You tie your shoelaces with macramé knots.

(Image credit: Ryann Ford)

7. You'll embrace minimalism right after Elton John does.

(Image credit: Skona Hem)

8. You have no idea where this "mall" is that everyone keeps talking about.

(Image credit: The Lunar Collective)

9. You like your mattresses low, and your canopies high.

10. "Beaded curtain” is a custom setting on your sound machine.

Do some of these sound like you and your home?

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