10 Gifts Anyone Can Use

10 Gifts Anyone Can Use

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 15, 2011

So you've been invited to a party with a host or hostess you aren't especially familiar with. It might be parents of a friend who invited you over or something for work, but even if you don't know them, you should still bring a host/hostess gift. Here's 10 things anyone can put to use…

1. Sweets: Even those who don't like sweets or can't eat them are happy to share them with others (and will probably take a bite first before doing so). Handmade treats are always good as are artisinal chocolates from your local shop.

2. Wine: Even inexpensive wine is good wine and can be picked up in a hurry without much thought ahead of time or need to shop.

3. Alcohol: Hard liquor is a little less common, but there are a few basics that most enjoy. Also, this time of year there are fun gift packages or baskets floating around.

4. Plants: Even if you don't know if your host has a green thumb or not, succulents are still a good choice and feel fresh. Flowers are good too, just remember to bring a vase as well!

5. Gift Card: Starbucks, iTunes, or your local favorite specialty store for snacks or home goods.

6. Movie Passes: Everyone loves movies, especially when they're free!

7. Warm Socks: Add some popcorn in with it and make it a snuggle package. Just don't call it that, people might not invite you back.

8. Ornament: This time of year you can find all sorts of holiday ornaments with the year on them. It might make a great gift to give something that commemorates the date, or even something random just to be silly. Something winter themed instead of Christmas specific might help ease the fear that your host doesn't celebrate the holiday.

9. Handmade: It might be something you made or something a friend or local artist did, but neat things like scarves, gloves, even soaps or trinkets can be great gifts. Not sure where to start looking for such things? Check out Etsy.com and do a location search and look for an artisan in your area.

10. Stationery: You know what people love? Office accessories. You know what they hate to buy? Office accessories. A fun set of thank you notes (not that it's a hint you require one) or a really cool paperweight can be fun. If you'd like it there's a good chance they would too.

Do you have any ideas to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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