10 Things To Make With Your Kids This Weekend

10 Things To Make With Your Kids This Weekend

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 10, 2010

Looking for a great project to keep your kids entertained this weekend? Check out one of these 10 great crafts that range from simple to slightly more elaborate that are sure to keep small hands busy for hours... or at least long enough to get gifts wrapped!

1. Winter Wonderland Ornament: This ornament will bring joys for years to come and is a great way to use up old, small toys. Who says Batman can't be hanging out with Rudolph? Certainly not us!

2. Repurposed Holiday Wreath: This wreath was made from scraps laying around the house. We're sure every house has a craft supply, even if it's repurposed, lurking somewhere!

3. Simple Peanut Ornaments: Small bits of felt, a few cut out crowns and a sharpie marker make the most adorable little ornaments! Plus, they're probably pretty tasty to, but that might get awkward when you explain to your children why you're eating the wise men.

4. Make An Instrument: Bongo/Shaker/Guiro: What would the holidays be without a little noise? This craft is quick and simple and will keep kids entertained for house... assuming your sanity holds out that long.

5. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes: Who said snowflakes had to be made from paper? Certainly not us, especially when these oversized popsicle stick versions make a big impact for a very small price!

6. Crayon Ornaments: These ornaments can be used up after the holidays, gifted to friends and family or just hung on the tree from year to year, either way they're sure to keep your tiny tots busy like little bees!

7. Christmas Choir: These small pegs are a great project for small hands. Try painting the entire dowel rod before cutting them down to size. It will help little fingers hold onto things while they paint!

8. DIY Hula Hoop Gnome Home Playhouse: There really aren't any additional words to make this awesome project sound even more appealing. You had us at hello... we mean hula hoop gnome playhouse!

9. DIY Ugly Dolls: Although we're big fans of the store bought version, nothing says you can't make your own. Your kids are the best resource for what they should look like, just ask them to draw you one!

10. Easiest Christmas Craft Ever: This craft is simple and uses up many small leftover craft supplies you might have floating around. They're made from paper cones and even if you have to buy a box, the leftovers would be great to hold party favors down the road.

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