10 Things To Pack In A Piñata That Aren’t Made From Sugar

published Jun 23, 2010
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So apparently we have piñata fever around these parts. We just can’t help it. They’re perfect for a party, a backyard get together, or could even be a fun way to pick summer chores (who says they can’t come pouring out amongst other things?) for little ones, but sometimes we’re not into all that sugar. Here are a few non-food ideas instead!

1. Bubbles: You can find small packages of bubbles (check with wedding supplies) that won’t weigh things down too much!
2. Bouncy Balls: You can’t knock a classic, even if it will end up being stuck under your sofa for 6 months.
3. Expandable Towels: You can find them in the most random of places, but The Disney Store always has them in stock (and often on clearance).
4. Rubber Ducks: They’re light and usually inexpensive. Best of all, they take up space inside the pinata!
5. Stickers: Kids loooove stickers. If you’re worried about them sticking them to everything, maybe set up a craft station to create a “sticker board” before they head home… but that does take some fun out of them.
6. Temporary Tattoos: Kids love them, there’s just no two ways around it!
7. Spinning Tops: Although they’re a little old school in thought, they’re still a great way to entertain minds of all ages for ridiculously long periods of time.
8. Sunglasses: Quite often you can find inexpensive sunglasses at your local Dollar Store!
9. Loose Change: Pennies, Nickels and Dimes, kids love shiny things no matter what the denomination.
10. Finger Puppets: You could make them by hand or pick some up at the store to add, they could be plastic or cloth and are always a big hit!

What would you add to the list above? There are tons of pricey items to add in, but when trying to get the most bang for your buck, what would your go-to filler item be?

(Image: flickr member blmurch licensed for use by Creative Commons)