10 Things To Store In A Shoe Organizer

10 Things To Store In A Shoe Organizer

Sarah Rae Smith
May 24, 2011

Shoe organizers can hold lots of things throughout a home but when it comes to kids they seem to be even more useful. Below are ten ideas you might not have thought of for using them as storage:

1. Toys: Keeping track of toys can be a real bear. Instead, try helping your little ones keep things sorted and stored away in different pouches. You can even place photographs on the outside of each one to help them remember where toys belong.

2. Apparel: Sweaters, t-shirts and jeans can be rolled and stored in the hanging pockets. It especially works well in temporary situations or in rooms without closets.

3. Accessories: Hats, belts, scarves, suspenders, neck ties — all of these items are usually non-crushable and require a bit of tenderness when storing. By giving them their own pocket they are easy to see and safe from permanent creases or folding.

4. Stuffed Animals: Each pocket can hold a different animal and everyone can have a home. It's a great way to help kids keep track of how many they have and when it get full, it's time to do a little housekeeping and thin the collection back down.

5. Diaper Supplies/First Aid: Hang a shoe organizer next to your changing station to hold essential diapering or first aid supplies so they're always at hand.

6. Hair Accessories: Headbands, bows, bobbins, bobbles, ribbons, scarves... the list is endless and they're far easier to manage when they're tucked away but still accessible.

7. Outdoor Fun: Small things like sidewalk chalk, trowels and gloves to help Mom in the garden all work great in these small pockets and can be easily viewed so they get the most workout.

8. Bathroom Supplies/Toys: Try holding toothpaste, brushes, extra toilet paper, and even bath toys. Use lower pockets for kids and higher ones for adults to keep everyones items corralled.

9. Snacks: Hang a bag on the inside of your pantry door and keep it stocked with kid-friendly snacks. It will help keep them out of the rest of your pantry, give them the ability to choose and all the while you can make sure they only have healthy items accessible.

10. Shoes: Even though shoes are what these items are intended for, we put them at the bottom of our list. It's just so...normal to use them for their original purpose.

What do you use your shoe organizers for? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(Image: The Container Store)

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