10 Things You Can Do Today To Start Living Greener

10 Things You Can Do Today To Start Living Greener

Allison Verdoorn
Mar 28, 2011

Are you new to the green lifestyle? Are you looking for just a couple of easy things you can do to make your life a little bit more sustainable? Here are a 10 things you can do today to begin going down the right path. Start greening your life after the jump.

1 Switch all of your light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs. Need help picking them out? Check out our guide here.
2 Reduce vampire energy by plugging your electrical appliances into power strips and turning the strips off when not in use. Not only will this save energy, it will save you money (check out this chart for proof).
3 Recycle everything you can. Most of us toss something recyclable every once in a while by accident. Find out from your local recycling center exactly what they will take and carefully sort your waste items. Live in Brisbane? Here's help for you!
4 Install low flow fixtures. This is a super easy fix that can dramatically reduce your water use. Get some tips of picking a low flow shower head here.
5 Say no to plastic and paper. Bring your own bags to the store - every store. Have an old t-shirt? Use this tutorial to make an easy tote bag for free.
6 Shop locally. Check out your area's farmers market and try to buy items from local sources to reduce the environmental impact of transporting your goods from the other side of the world.
7 Take alternative transportation. Ditch the car a few days a week and pull out your bike or hop on a bus. Can't do either of those? Try to start a car pool group in your neighborhood.
8 Live with less. Think hard before you buy something new: do you need it or do you just want it? Be mindful of your consumption habits and reduce unnecessary items.
9 Start a vegetable garden. A great way to start being mindful of your consumption is to watch your food grow. Need help starting? We have some tips here.
10 Talk about sustainable living in your every day conversation. An easy way to make living green a habit that you maintain in your life is to share your experiences with others. This way you can swap ideas and tips while influencing others to make changes in their lives.

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