10 Things You Can Tidy In Less Than 10 Minutes

10 Things You Can Tidy In Less Than 10 Minutes

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 24, 2011

Being busy parents it's easy to feel overwhelmed by housework and cleaning in general. It often feels like we're never getting ahead and that the washing machine never stops running. Instead of feeling like you're one step behind, get ahead with these 10 tasks that are easy to tidy when time is short!

1. Straighten Your Pantry: Making weeknight meals in a rush? Take a few moments to tidy back up your pantry. Not only will it help you familiarize yourself with what's lurking in there, but it will make meal prep even faster when you can find what you need!

2. Clean Out The Fridge: Do you know how old those leftovers are? Is that something green and fuzzy in the very back? Toss what needs to be and make a mental list of what items needs to be used. Cleaning large items before your next shopping trip will help you make the most of your space and ensure things don't get shoved or buried in the back.

3. Bathrooms Top To Bottom: Although bathrooms are one of the most dreaded places in the house, most the things contained within stay in that room. It's easy to toss dirty clothes in the hamper, straighten towels, wipe down counters, sinks and even the tub when you're short on time.

4. Vacuum/Sweep The Whole House: Although you might need to take an extra 10 minutes to remove things from the floor that might be in the vacuum's path, most homes can be vacuumed or swept in just 10 minutes. Work from room to room, top to bottom and make sure you don't get distracted while doing so. Set items from the floor by doorways to go to other rooms as you go from place to place throughout your home.

5. Entertainment: Video games, controllers, DVDs, VHS (if you still have them), CDs and more can make for an amazing amount of eye clutter. Take a few minutes to straight them and return them to your home to regain control of your living room!

6. The Toy Box: If your toy box is overflowing, make it a quick game to sort what lurks inside. Make a donate, trash and keep pile and return all items staying put to their home when finished. Make sure other toys are disposed of or bagged accordingly. If you leave them on the table to take with you next time you go out, they're bound to be played with again, defeating the whole point of sorting!

7. Closet/Dresser: Kids love to dress themselves, but in the process that usually means their closet looks like a tornado ripped through. Take 10 minutes and rehang shirts, fold pants and tuck away tshirts. It will help them get dressed in the morning and help you retain your sanity.

8. The Great Wipe Down: High chairs, diaper pails, cribs, anything a baby could touch there's a homemade green cleaner for you. Most are made with vinegar which is easy to make and keeps the icky and sticky kid surfaces clean and free of grime. If your only task is to wipe down all the major surfaces you'll be amazed at how far you can get before time is up.

9. Roundup/Sort Laundry: While some have specific days for specific types of laundry, others wait and spend a day doing it all. Take 10 minutes to round up laundry from all the assorted places throughout the home and split it all into loads. Then when you only have a few minutes to rotate things throughout the day you aren't playing hide and go seek with the rest of your whites you know have to be dirty.... somewhere!

10. Dishes: Although baked on egg goo can seem impossible to clean, let any extra crusty dishes soak while doing other things and return to your dishes after 10-15 minutes. Any load of dishes can be done by hand or loaded into the dishwasher in 10 minutes, assuming you take 10 minutes every day to do so! It's when things get more backed up that it gets out of control.

What can you do in 10 minutes? Add to our list above in the comments below!

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover, Flickr members greencolander, frotzed2, puuikibeach, and tanya_little all licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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