10 Tiny Getaways: Enjoy a Virtual Vacation

It’s been a long week, and although you might not have the means to take a vacation right now, you could spend a few minutes vicariously enjoying a stroll through someone else’s real-life getaway. Pick any one of these tiny retreats (woodsy cabin or airy beach house?) and click through for the full tour.

  1. Tereasa’s Modest Cottage: Just 100 square feet, this Wisconsin guest cottage was a prohibition-era motor court cabin in a previous life.
  2. Helen and Frazer’s Solar Powered Beach Shack: An English holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight.

  3. Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet: Located in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, this cabin in the woods was built by hand.
  4. Alisha’s Bright White Guest Cottage: This 320 square foot California studio cottage has a lovely sleeping loft.
  5. Tamsin’s Windswept Dune Cottage: An open-to-the-elements “dune cottage” in Kenya, just steps from the Indian Ocean.
  6. Living Large in an Airstream Trailer: Architect Matthew Hoffman retrofitted a 160 square foot Airstream trailer, making it into a functional living space.
  7. Steven’s Relocated Beach Cottage: Once part of a larger house, this 800 square foot home in California was split off and relocated to its current site.
  8. The Davidson’s 1949 Railroad Caboose: On an island in the middle of Lake Washington, this 260 square foot caboose was transformed into a live/work studio.
  9. Lisa’s Artistic Hideaway: Ceramic artist Lisa Neimeth’s getaway is a small studio in the backyard shed behind the main house.
  10. Lissa’s Super-Small Secluded Haven: Hidden behind a tall planted fence on a busy street in Santa Barbara is a 390 square foot cottage.