10 Tips for a Greener Bedroom


Of all the rooms in one’s home, the bedroom is arguably one of the most important in regards to personal health and the presence or absence of toxins. This checklist provides a good starting point for creating a bedroom that doesn’t sabotage your health, the environment or your conscience while you sleep.

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Natural Home Magazine actually attributes these tips to San Francisco-based firm organicARCHITECT:

1. Place windows to allow a view from the bed.
2. Use linens made of organic cotton or other natural, organic materials.
3. Avoid washing sheets in detergents with added fragrances.
4. Use washable area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpet to reduce dust mites and germs.
5. An air purifier provides white noise while cleaning particulates from the air.
6. The scent of fresh lavender helps you sleep naturally.
7. Use low-toxin paints and finishes.
8. Move electric alarm clocks and stereos away from your head to reduce the electromagnetic fields that could disturb sleep patterns.
9. Individually switched lamps on each side of the bed allow one partner to read at night without disturbing the other.
10. Plants add life to the room, absorb the carbon dioxide you exhale and create fresh air in the room.

Image: eqqman